Mission and Goals

Mission Statement
(revised 10/10/06)
The Holdrege Area Public Library is the center for life-long learning in our community and the place people come to experience the joy of reading, the exhilaration of discovering new ideas and to be empowered with free access to information of all types. Community needs drive our services and we take pride in ensuring that they are delivered in a welcoming, convenient and responsive manner.
(revised 10/10/06)
To support this mission, the library will organize and prudently manage its resources to:
  • Encourage reading
  • Ensure that the library’s resources are available
  • to all
  • Promote awareness and use of the library
  • Promote full literacy for all ages. The effective
  • definition of literacy is no longer limited to the
  • ability to read, but includes the continuous process of being
  • able to comprehend and apply new and more
  • complex information throughout life.
  • Assist individuals in finding jobs and educational
  • opportunities
  • Assist businesses with their development and growth
  • Provide current information
  • Provide recreational reading resources, media mate
  • rials, & programs
  • Provide public use of modern information technology
Publicity and Public Relations
The Library Director shall have the responsibility to inform the public of the services the Library performs and its activities and shall approve all publicity concerning the Library. Full advantage will be taken of all news media.

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