The Ainsworth Library Foundation Board held its regular quarterly meeting on August 24, 2017 at the Ainsworth Public Library. The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m. by Vice-President Mark Kovar due to the absence of the President. Roll called showed six members present (Traci Alberts, Wendy Allen, Gary Kinzie, Mark Kovar, Deanna Taylor, and Bev Whitney) and one member absent (Marsha Fuchs). The Library Director, Gail Irwin, was also present for the meeting as well as one guest.

The minutes of the last meetings and the Treasurer’s Report were approved as read. One bill was presented for payment to Advantage Companies as the Library Foundations part on the Digitalization Project for local newspaper. Deanna Taylor moved to approve the payment. Bev Whitney seconded this motion with all members voting in favor of. The Library and Brown County Foundation will be paying for part of this project.

The Gift Transaction List from May to August 2017 was presented. It showed the following gifts:

In memory of Mrs. Lou Ann Williams from Mr.and Mrs. Doug Pankowski
Ainsworth Community Schools Board of Education and School staff
Mrs. and Mrs. Denton Weichman

In memory of Mrs. Peg Raymond from Mr. and Mrs. Doug Pankowski

In memory of Mrs. Vernice “Ve” Dawson Wayman from Mrs. Eunice Wulf

In memory of Mr. Arden Stech from Mr. and Mrs. Denton Weichman

In memory of Mrs. Barbara Shiffermiller from Mr. and Mrs. David Krecek
Mr. and Mrs. William Cassel
Ms. Jaye McCoy
Dr. and Mrs. John Sage
Ms. Charlotte P. Schenken
Mrs. Mary Anna Anderson
Ms. Jane Estabrook
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Rock
Dr. and Mrs. R. Michael Kroeger
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pisasale
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Goeser
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Little
Mrs. Ruth Salzman
Mrs. Mary Lou Giles
Mrs. Cindy Smith and Family
Mrs. Alyce Ann Clausen and Family
Dr. and Mrs. William Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Dwiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bragg
Mrs. Barbara Ann Allen
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Cotton
Mr. and Mrs. Denton Weichman
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Wittstruck

Another gift received included a donation from Honeywell International PAC Charitable Gift Program by Mr. Matthew Kulek. The recycling of ink cartridges made a total of $95.20. The Board expressed thanks for each and every donation to the library.

Marilyn Williams, a member from the Brown County Community Foundation, was present to share a story of their Foundation with our Board.

Discussion was held on library improvements. The group is still searching a small end table. Work was completed on the overhang outside of the building this summer.

The Library has been awarded the Library Innovation Studio Grant by the Nebraska Library Commission. The makerspace equipment will be arriving this fall for four months. Library training will be held in Lincoln in October and local training will be held shortly after when the equipment gets here. We will need to have local people on a committee to help promote and train others to use the equipment.

Discussion was held on the Book Basket Auction. No certain date was selected at this time but we do plan to hold this event this fall.

The next meeting date was set for November 9th at 7 p.m. Since there was no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:06 p.m.

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