Library Board Meeting Agenda


January 3, 2018 at 5 p.m.

1. Call meeting to order
2. Notice of the posting of the Open Meeting Act
3. Roll call
4. Approve minutes
5. Approve claims for payment
6. Monthly Library Report
7. Library Innovation Studio Grant (Makerspace)
a. Installation of equipment (Nov. 14th)
b. Training of Local People (Nov. 14-15th)
c. Update on Open House (Dec. 3rd from 1-4 p.m.)
d. Sign-Ups for training on each machine
e. State Wide Database for Trained People
f. Update on Committee Action Team meeting on Nov. 28th
g. Tours of Makerspace for students
h. 2017-2018 Nebraska Library Internship Grant for Library Innovation Studio
1. Morgan Osborn selected for the $1000 grant
8. Year End Report for 2016-2017 and State Statistical Report
9. Ainsworth High School COE Program
10. Update on Library Book Basket Silent Auction
11. Meetings:
a. Nebraska State Advisory Council-Lincoln-Nov. 17th
b. OverDrive Training Webinar-Dec. 7th
c. City Retirement/Saving Meeting-Dec. 12th
d. Mayor’s City Christmas Lunch-Dec. 20th
12. Correspondence:
a. Thank You Card on Door Prize at Makerspace Open House
b. Articles of interest from Library Journals/Newsletters
13. Set next meeting date/time
14. Adjournment

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