Gift Transaction List from November 2017 to February 2018

Thank you to all that gave a gift to the library from November 2017 to the February 15, 2018. We appreciate your support of the library!

Donation gifts were received from Mrs. Shirley West and Mr. Matthew Kulek.

Memorials were received in memory of:

Mrs. Barbara Shiffermiller from Ms. Kathleen Schafer

Mrs. Kitty Hagen from Mrs. Mary Ritter and the Ainsworth Community Schools

Mrs. Lucille Matthies, Mr. Gene Schlueter from Ainsworth Community Schools

Mr. Jim Hoffschneider from Mr. & Mrs. Blair Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Wes Luther, Badger High School Education Association, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Irwin, and Mr. Randy Vaupel,

Mrs. Freda Hinrchs from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Irwin, Mr. and Mrs.Dan Spier, Mrs. Janice Ganser, Ms. Jan Dutton, Mr. Harlan Dutton, Ms. Diane Johnson, Mrs. Betty Wasson, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hapner, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Adcock, Mr. Michael Schrad, Mrs. Bonnie Finley, Mrs. Cheryl Arrowsmith, and Mrs. Eunice Wulf

In memory of Mr. John Whitten and Mr. Lawrence Fuchs from Mrs. Marsha Fuchs.

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