Library Foundation Gift Transaction List From February to May 2018

The following memorials were received from February to May by the Ainsworth Library Foundation:

In memory of Mr. Monte Osborn; Ms. Chaeley Ruegge; and Mr. Tom Coble from the Ainsworth Community Schools

In memory of Mr. Jim Hoffschneider from Mr. and Mrs. Russell Widdowson; Mr. & Mrs. David Spann; Ms. Arleen Hansen; Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Harr; Mr. and Mrs. Scott Watts; Ms. Bridget Hansen; Ms. Lise Marie Wieseman; Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bauer; and Ms. Rachel Keller

In memory of Mr. Roger McCoy from Mr. and Mrs. Mike Baxter

In memory of Mr. Rodney Bretz from Mrs. Cheryl Arrowsmith

In memory of Mr. Gerald “Shorty” Schipporiet from Mrs. Cheryl Arrowsmith

The Library thanks each and every donor. Your support of the Library is greatly appreciated!

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