Agenda for June Library Board Meeting


June 2, 2021 at 5 p.m.


1.         Call meeting to order

2.         Notice of the posting of the Nebraska Open Meeting Act

3.         Roll call

4.         Approve minutes of last meeting

5.         Approve claims for payment/Budget spending review

6.         Monthly Library Report/List of titles purchased

7.         Covid-19 restrictions

            a.         Open more hours

            b.         Putting back on shelves the children’s puzzles, puppets, Lego’s

8.         Summer Reading Program 

            a.         June:  Preschool

                                     K-4th Grade Fun Hours and Reading Zone

            b.         July:  Stem/Steam for Middle School Students

                                     Movie afternoon

9.         Magic Show   June 14th at 4 p.m.

10.       Review of Book Signing for Katie Rau-May 25th

11.       Fundraiser:   Local Photo’s on Note Card

12.       Proposed budget for 2021-2022

13.       Workshops/Meetings:

            a.         Thursday Director’s Zoom Meeting (May 6, 13, and 27)

             b.        Young Adult Literature with STEM-May 6th

            c.         Teaching Technology-May 12  (4 hours)

            c.         Library Foundation Board Meeting-May 19th

            d.         NCompass: Update website with Word -May 26

14.       Correspondence:

            a.         NLA statement on NE school that by passed own policies on challenged material

            b.         Notice from NLC that 2020 Public Library Survey Data now available

            c.         Letter from Rep. Adrian Smith Build America Libraries Act

            d.         Items of interest from library newsletters and journal

15.       Set next meeting date/time

16.       Adjournment

Added to agenda on 5-29-21:             1. Hiring extra help for summer

                                                            2.  ARPA Grant funding from NLC

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