Based on the book

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore is the story of  “John Smith appears to be a normal American teenager, living in Ohio with his father, attending high school, and falling for a local girl. But he’s really something much cooler: an alien from the planet Lorien, and one of the last survivors of a race that was nearly wiped out by its enemies. And now the evil Mogadorians have traveled to Earth looking for survivors, with an eye toward wiping out this planet as well.”

The book is available on our collection at call number YA LOR and the movie releases in a few weeks, so be sure to stop in and check it out before heading to the theater.

Here’s the trailer . . .

Another reason why LibraryThing is awesome

LibraryThing featured authors is a great tool to use when you are looking for something new to read. There are nearly 4,000 authors who also have LibraryThing accounts, including Diane Gabaldon, James Rollins, Lisa See, Naomi Novik and more.

Why is this awesome? Because you can view the author profiles and see what books your favorite authors have read, what books you have in common and what books were their favorites.

Ah, the wonders of LibraryThing. I’d say it’s better than Facebook, Twitter and Myspace combined. At least for those of us who love books.

2010 Tax Forms

Tax season is upon us. The IRS has sent a number of tax forms that are available in the library. We have no say in which forms are made available, we simply make them available as they arrive. We believe we have received all of the forms for 2010 that we are going to get, and they are as follows:

  • 1040EZ Instructions
  • 1040EZ Form (Income tax return for single and joint filers with no dependents)
  •  Schedule B Form 1040A or 1040 (Interest and Ordinary Dividends)
  • Schedule A Form 1040 (Itemized deductions)
  • Schedule M Form 1040A or 1040 (Making work pay credit)
  • Schedule R Form 1040A or 1040 (Credit for the elderly or disabled)
  • Form 3903 (Moving expenses)
  • 2010 Instructions for Schedule R Form 1040A or 1040
  • Schedule C-EZ Form 1040 (Net profit from business)
  • Form 8812 (Additional child tax credit)
  • Schedule D Form 1040 (Capital gains and losses)
  • Form 2441 (Child and dependent care expenses)
  • Form 2106 (Employee business expenses)
  • Schedule C (Profit or loss from business)
  • Schedule A (Itemized deductions)
  • Instructions for Form 2106 (Employee business expenses)
  • Instructions for Form 4562 (Depreciation and amortization)
  • Instructions for Form 2441 (Child and dependent care expenses)
  • Form 8863 (Education credits)
  • Schedule EIC (Earned income credit)
  • Schedule E Form 1040 (Supplemental income and loss)
  • Schedule SE Form 1040 (Self-employment tax)
  • Form 4562 (Depreciation and amortization)

All other forms and booklets are available online via the IRS website at If you need help looking up or printing a form or instruction booklet, we will be happy to help at the circulation or via the phone at 762-1387.

Catalog now available

Our catalog is now available to view online. Simply click on the link below to be redirected (a link will be permanently available in the sidebar as well.)

Login capability is not available at the moment, but hopefully will be soon. If you would like immediate access, let me know and I will enter your username and password manually. I can be reached at 762-1387 or via the contact page on this website.

Storytime Update!

Our new Youth Services Librarian, Bridget Wright, has started here at the library, and she has hit the ground running! In light of the new hours and our new librarian, a few changes have been made to storytime:

Storytime will be every Thursday at both 11:00 am and 5:30pm. The morning program will be for children ages 3-6 and the evening program is open to all ages. You can register your children at the circulation desk prior to attending the program.

Be sure to bring your little ones in to meet Bridget, read some stories, do a craft and check out some books!

(I’ll have Bridget introduce herself here on the blog as soon as she gets nice and settled in. Maybe I can even finagle a photo out of her ;-))

Interested in ebooks?

E-readers and smart phones were hot holiday gifts (I received a NOOK Color myself and love it!) If you were a lucky recipient of one of these devices, don’t forget to try our Overdrive service, which gives you free access to 800+ ebook titles, and that number is growing daily.

Ebooks can be read either on a computer or a portable device. For a complete list of compatible portable devices, click here.
To download the free ebook software, Adobe Digital Editions, click here.

As of now, Kindles and IPads are not compatible with Overdrive. I put out the word if and when this changes.

If there are any questions concerning Overdrive, feel free to contact me via this site, by phone at 762-1387, or by stopping in the library. I’ll be glad to walk you through the process or answer any inquiries.

January Book Club

This month’s pick for the Alliance Public Library community book club is Three Cups of Tea: one man’s journey to promote peace . . . one school at a time by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin (click on the title for more information about this bestselling book.) Ample copies are available at the circulation desk, and $2.75 fee is collected for ILL books for return postage.

Book Club is open to all who wish to attend an will meet at 1pm on Tuesday, January 25th and 4pm on Thursday, January 27th. Hope to see you there!