Summer Reading Parent Letter

Welcome to the 2011 Alliance Public Library Summer Reading Programs:

One World, Many Stories and You Are Here!

It is the end of the school year, and that means it is time once again for summer reading at Alliance Public Library! I am excited to announce that this year your child will be participating in the summer reading program in a way they have never done before. The goals for this year’s program will be based entirely on Accelerated Reading Levels. Each child will have his or her own goal to earn a set number of points by testing within the Renaissance program. The objective is to meet that goal before the date of Friday, July 8th at 4:00 p.m.

This year there will be no weekly goals. There will be no book reports due. Students will take AR tests on the books they read during the program just like they do in school. APS students will use the same login information they use throughout the school year. SAA students will be assigned login information so that they too will be able to login as an APS student.

To find AR books for the program, please use this website:

This is the site of the Alliance Public Library catalog. It is also the site that is used in the library to search for books. This site will allow you to find books that are at the correct reading level, plus tell you if there is a test available for that book. When you get to this site, you will select “Accelerated Reader” from the “Reading Programs” drop-down menu. This will then allow you to search for books by AR level and point value. Any book that is returned within these search results WILL have an AR test for it. After reading their book, students will come back to the library and take an AR test on the laptops by the circulation desk. They must pass each test with an 80% or better. They will not be allowed to take tests they have taken before. After taking a test, they will print out their results and keep them in a folder. All of their tests must be on books at or above the student’s AR level. The books DO NOT have to come from Alliance Public Library. When students have reached their point goal, they can turn in their entire folder to us to be eligible for the Read for a Ride wristband drawing. Students can begin testing on Wednesday, June 1st.

Students will also be able to earn Pizza Hut pizzas again this year! Like the wristbands, this will be based on the students earning AR points toward their goal. When they reach 25% of their goal, they will get a pizza! For example, if your goal is 20 points, you will get a pizza when you reach the 5 point, the 10 point, the 15 point, and the 20 point mark!

New this year we will also be featuring the “Where in the World is That Globe?” contest. During this contest two globes will be hidden weekly by the library staff somewhere within the city of Alliance. One will be hidden for those entering grades 1-2, and one for those entering grades 3-6. Clues will be given out in the library as to where each globe is. The first student to bring the globe for their age group into the library will win a Heritage Days Wristband! There will be five chances to win! This contest is sponsored entirely by the Friends of the Library! Also, I would like to send out a special THANK YOU to APS Superintendent Dr. Hoesing and Librarian Julie Kunzman from APS for all the help they have given us to get this program off the ground! I would also like to thank the many local businesses and organizations who donate to the Read for a Ride program—what an awesome community we live in! 

Registration for these programs will begin on Monday, May 23rd, and will run until Friday, May 27th at 4:00 p.m., or until there are 200 children in each age group—whichever comes first. Please do not hesitate to get in to register! Please bring proof of your child’s AR level from his or her school to registration.