New Programs for School Age Children


The library is implementing two new programs this year. 

The first is “These Are The People In Your Neighborhood” program.  This program is for K-2nd and will help children be able to identify people in our community and what they do. 

The second is “DO-IT-YOURSELF” program.  This program is for 3rd-5th and will offer skill building.  Each time this group meets they will learn some sort of skill that they can use.

The upcoming programs will be in the Alliane Public Library Community Rooms at the following times:

  • October 11th @ 4:00 – K-2nd  The Alliance Fire Department
  • October 13th @ 4:00 – 3rd-5th The Alliance Fire Department
  •  November 10th @ 4:00 – 3rd-5th Investigator Busch- Internet Safety


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