National Soup Month

January is National Soup Month!

Did you know . . . .

  • The first soup was eaten around 6000 B.C. Click here to see the main ingredient!
  • Women are more likely to eat soup for lunch than men are.
  • 10 billion bowls of soup are consumed in the U.S. ever year.
  • The soup spoon was invented in the 17th century so that courtesans wearing their stiff ruffled collars would be able to eat soup without soiling their pretty ruffles.
  • Pop artist Andy Warhol loved soup and ate it for lunch every day for 20 years.
  • Frank Sinatra requested chicken and noodle soup in his dressing rooms before every performance.

Here are some yummy sounding soup recipes via

And, of course, we have slew of soup related books in our collection:

  • Duck Soup by Jackie Urbanovick at EF URB (this children’s book is adorable, funny and well illustrated!)
  • Cooking Treasures of the Soup Kettle by Emma Gompert at 641.5 GOM
  • Better Homes and Garden’s Crockery Cookbook at 641.5 BET
  • Lee Bailey’s Soup Meals: main event soups in year-round menus by Lee Bailey at 641.8 BAI
  • Skinny Soups by Ruth Glick at 641.5 GLI
  • Soups and Stews by Sandra Rudloff at 641.8 RUD

And last but not least, some “Soupy” apps for your mobile devices:



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