E-reader and Tablet Troubleshooting

Here are some of the common e-reader and tablet troubleshooting issues I have experienced the last few weeks. If you have a device and have any questions, I’ll be happy to help. I’m no expert on every device, but I’ll do my best 🙂  

I figured others may have similar questions to ones I’ve been seeing here at the library, so here goes . . .

Q: I have an I-Pad, but would like to read a book I bought from Amazon and Nook. How do I read the book on my I-Pad?

A: Download the free apps to your device and you should then be able to read your book. If you bought a book from Amazon, you’ll need the Kindle app and if you bought a book from Barnes and Noble you’ll need the Nook app.  However, Kindle books cannot be read on Nook and Nook books cannot be read on Kindle (Why can’t we all just get along?). Click here for a the Kindle app and a list of supported devices and Click here for the Nook ap and a list of supported devices. 


Q: I have an I-Pad. Can I use the Overdrive service?

A: Yes – all you have to do is get the free app titled “Overdrive Media Console” and you will be able to browse and checkout titles. You will also have to download the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software and verify ADE with your Adobe username and password. You obtain the Adobe username and password by signing up for a free account at www.adobe.com


Q: How long can I check items out for one Overdrive.

A: You have options to check items out for 7, 14, or 21 days. The default setting checks books out for 14 days.


Q: Can I return items early on Overdrive?

A: E-books can be returned early, but Audiobooks cannot.


Q: How do I return my e-books to Overdrive so I can checkout out a new one?

A: This is going to depend on the type of device that you have:

  • For Kindles, you will need to login to your Amazon account and click on the “Manage my Kindle tab” located across the top of the page below the search bar. This will bring up the contents of your Kindle. To the right of the book you wish to return, click on “actions” and the select “return this book.” After the book is returned, you will need to click on “actions” again and then on”delete” in order to remove the file from your Kindle.
  • For Nooks, I-Pads and other devices that utilize Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software for your ebooks, you will need to return the book in Adobe Digital Editions. Open ADE and click on the bookshelf icon in the top left hand corner (this is the icon that looks like books on a bookshelf, with their spines pointing out.) The book that you currently have stored in ADE will appear on the page. An upside down triangle should appear in the corner of the book’s icon. When you hover over this upside down triangle with your mouse, a menu should appear with the option to “Return this book.” Click on the return option and confirm. The book should disappear from your ADE bookshelf.


Q: I transferred my book to my device, but I can’t find the book. Where is it?

A: This also varies with each device. Here are the ones I am familiar with:

  • In Kindles the book will appear on the main home screen among your other items from Amazon.
  • In Nooks the item should appear on your bookshelf and is also accessible through the Adobe Digital Editions file in the “My files” tab.
  • On the I-Pad, the book should appear on your bookshelf.


Q: I downloaded a book by wireless from Amazon, but the book is not appearing on the device. What do I do?

A: In order for your book to appear, you will need to disconnect and reconnect to your wireless. Turn your device’s wireless off and then back on and the book should appear.

If you have recently acquired a digital device, be sure to check out our Overdrive service, available here by logging in with your patron number.

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