New Adult Fiction

  • Letter from a Stranger by Barabara Bradford Taylor: When award-winning film maker Justine Nolan returns to her beautiful childhood home, she is intrigued by an envelope she finds in her absent mother’s post, but the letter inside contains a shocking revelation, which will change everything she believes about her family’s recent history, her mother and her adored grandmother, Gabriele, if it turns out to be true.
  • Aunt Dimmity and the Village Witch by Nancy Atherton: Aunt Dimity, the original paranormal detective, moves to Finch and must conceal her identity, while she sets out to discover if one of Amelia’s ancestors might have been Mistress Meg, the Mad Witch of Finch.
  • Robert B. Parker’s Lullaby: Spenser takes up a seemingly open and closed cold case at the behest of a street-wise 16 year old girl, who believes her mother’s murderers went free. As Spenser digs deeper into the mystery, he finds a much more dangerous and complex mystery than he bargained for
  • Born to Darkness by Suzanne Brockman: Dishonorably discharged Navy SEAL Shane Laughlin starts work at a scientific research facility where individuals with unique mental abilities are trained to hone their skills; meanwhile, Michelle “Mac” Mackenzie, a valued operative at the Institute, discovers the truth about the source of a highly addictive drug that has begun to circulate in society and becomes determined to bring about it’s end.
  • The Innocent by David Baldacci: When an independent hitman who works for the U.S. government does the unthinkable and refuses to kill, he is forced to go on the run to save his own life. While fleeing, he crosses path with an orphaned fourteen-year-old runaway whose parents were murdered. Unable to turn away from her, he begins to realize she is at the center of a vast cover-up that reaches to the top-most rungs of power.
  • Dearest Dorothy, If Not Now, When?: Dearest Dorothy, the soul of Partonville, Illinois, is overjoyed when her firstborn son Jacob, a big city attorney, decides to move back to the small town for good, but her prayers and common sense are still needed to keep everyone else on the right track, especially with the mayoral race heating up.
  • Phantom by Ted Bell: Counterspy Alex Hawke hunts a madman about to unleash a new super weapon–one powered by artificial intelligence.
  • The Shadow Patrol by Alex Berenson: John Wells goes undercover in Afghanistan to investigate not only the Taliban, but also his fellow Americans, as he seeks the source of the hostility, mistrust, and drug trafficking involving people within the CIA, the military, and the Taliban.
  • The Big Cat Nap by Rita Mae Brown: Emily Covington has been clean of drugs for almost a year but everyone still has a hard time trusting her. When one woman is murdered, Emily discovers the plot for a double murder. She has a hard time convincing the authorities, and everything turns back on her.
  • Force of Nature by C.J. Box: Joe Pickett’s partner, Nate Romanowski, a former secret Special Forces operative in Asia, knows a secret about a colleague, who wants anyone with this knowledge dead, putting Pickett’s family and himself in danger.
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