New Adult Non-Fiction

  • The Rough Guide to the Android Phone and Tablets by Andrew Clare: Provides a comprehensive guide to Android devices, with an emphasis on applications and their uses.
  • Heros at Home: help and hope for America’s millitary families by Ellie Kay: From the wife of an Air Force pilot, this is a compilation of unique insights and practical tips on how to physically and mentally survive being the spouse of an active military member.
  • Housing Reclaimed: sustainable homes for next to nothing by Jessica Kellner: A guide for individuals interested in creating homes using reclaimed and alternative materials with tips on how to build a home with little to no financing.
  • Mindfulness to go: how to meditate while you’re on the move by David Harper: An on-the-go guide to mindfulness, linking personality types with meditation styles, and describing types of exercises, or meditations, that can be done while driving, walking, talking, typing, shopping, jogging, or waiting in line.
  • The Invasion of Indian Country in the Twentieth Century: american capitalism and Tribal natural resources by Donald Lee Fixico: Tells the story of how the minerals and oil industries were able to use the resources on Native American lands, the governmental policies that were involved, and the efforts of Native Americans to preserve and regain control of their lands.
  • Windmills and Wind Motors: how to build and run them by F.E. Powell: A reprint of F. E. Powell’s classic windmill book, detailing how to build and run them.
  • The Vaccine Book: making the right decision for your child by Robert Sears: Dr. Bob Sears offers parents a comprehensive guide to childhood vaccinations, with an in-depth look at each vaccine, its purpose, dangers, schedule, effectiveness, and necessity.
  • Plains Indian Art by John C. Ewers: A comprehensive study of artwork produced by Plains Indians over the past 150 years.
  • Shoot: your guide to shooting and competitions by Julie Golob: A comprehensive shooting guide designed for both the experienced shooter and novices.
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