The Bird Saviors

The Bird Saviors by William J. Cobb artfully blends the desolate enchantment of the desert lands of Southern Colorado with a cast of colorful down-and-out characters who find their lives subtly intertwining on the brink of what promises to be either the next big depression or the beginning of the end.

In a near-future ravaged by an alarming bird-flu pandemic and economic turmoil, a seventeen-year-old single mother finds her religious father trying to wed her off to Hiram Page, a shady pawn shop owner with two wives. She decides to take her destiny into her own hands and finds a job counting birds for a grieving, widowed ornithologist. Throughout the book, various other characters touch  their lives in one way or another, including a vigilante Arapaho, Hiram Page’s criminal counterparts, a scorned bride, and a shoddy police officer.

Overall, while the plot moves a little slowly, the character’s true motives and intentions are gloriously revealed during the books final, well deserved climax. It’s a story worth sticking out to the end.

Available in the collection in the New Fiction display in FIC COB.

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