New Adult Fiction

  • Spring Fever by Mary Kay Andrews: Annajane Hudgens truly believes she is over her ex-husband, Mason Bayless, and ready to marry her fiancé, but when she attends Mason’s wedding and fate stops the wedding, she starts to question what she really wants.
  • The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer: Harry Clifton hopes to marry Emma Barrington but wants to escape from his family’s secrets. When an American dies after being rescued, Harry takes on the identity of Tom Bradshaw, but once he reaches New York, he starts to regret his identity change.
  • The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry: Zachariah Simon has kidnapped disgraced journalist Steve Berry’s daughter and forces him to search for a treasure that involves Christopher Columbus.
  • A Dog’s Journey by Bruce W. Cameron: Believing that he has achieved his purpose throughout several eventful lives, Buddy the dog is drawn to a vibrant but troubled teen who he struggles to help until they are separated.
  • A Land More Kind Than Home by Wiley Cash: After snooping, Jess Hall’s older brother Christopher is killed during a snake-handling religious service, and sheriff Barefield who investigates the crime has his own dark past.
  • A Trail to Wounded Knee by Tim Chaplain: In 1876, alone after his wife abandons him, court-martialed army lieutenant Thaddeus Coyle starts his life over in a Black Hills freighting business and eventually takes a job with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, setting the stage for complicated reunions years later–one with his family in Washington, D.C., and one with his freighting partner, Swift Hawk, at Wounded Knee.
  • The Sea Witch by Stephen Coonts: A collection of three novellas about war and undercover military operations.
  • The Storm by Clive Cussler: Kurt Austin and the other members of the NUMA Special Assignment Team are called to investigate a ship that had been devoured by a mysterious substance in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
  • As the Crow Flies by Craig Johnson: When the site of his daughter’s upcoming wedding burns down, Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire and his friend, Henry Standing Bear, witness the falling death of a young Crow woman and are recruited into an investigation that incites the wrath of the bride-to-be.
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