New Adult Non Fiction

  • Haunted Colorado: ghosts and strange phenomena of the centennial state: Collects tales of the paranormal and strange, such as UFO sightings and ghostly apparitions, from various parts of Colorado, organized by areas such as Metropolitan Denver, Northern Plains, Rocky Mountains, Southern Plains, and Western Plateaus and Deserts, and features possible sightings of some known historical figures.
  • But Dad!: a survival guide for single fathers of tween and teen daughters: Offers parenting advice to single fathers who are raising tween and teenage daughters, discussing communication, shared custody issues, dating, potential crises such as drug and alcohol abuse and teen pregnancy, and other topics.
  • The End of Growth: adapting to our new economic reality: Claims that the global economy has come to the end of growth and the recession will not end in recovery and suggests the answer is to abandon the pursuit of growth and focus on quality of life.
  • Take Charge of Your Fertility: Gives advice on healthy living and emotional well being to further boost fertility and give pregnancy a good start.
  • You Can Conquer Pain: how to break the pain cycle and regain control: A guide designed to provide solutions to help those afflicted take control of their pain and reduce reliance on pharmaceutical painkillers.
  • I Am In Here: the journey of a child with autism who cannot speak but finds her voice: The story of Elizabeth M. Bonker, a child with autism who cannot speak but communicates through her poetry.
  • Kate, Style Princess: the fashion and beauty secrets of Britain’s most glamorous royal : A guide to the fashion and beauty secrets of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
  • Social Networking for Career Success: Offers career seekers advice on how they can use social networking to aid in their job search, with an overview of the most popular networking sites, tips on creating a profile, and information on how to maintain an online presence.
  • Before and After Resumes: how to turn a good resume into a great one: Contains sample resumes for over five hundred jobs.
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