Based on the Book

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, based on the 4th book in Jeff Kinney’s widely popular series, is in theatres now. We have copies of all the Wimpy Kid books as well as the first two movies available for checkout.


It;s summer vacation, the weather’s great, and all the kids are having fun outside. So where’s Greg Heffley? Inside his house, playing video games with the shades drawn.

Greg, a self-confessed “indoor person” is living out his ultimate summer fantasy: no responsibilities and no rules. But Greg’s mom has a different vision for an ideal summer . . . one packed with outdoor activities and “family togetherness.”

Whose vision will win out? Or will a new addition to the Heffley family change everything?

New Adult Fiction

  • Some Like it Hot by Donna Andrews: When town clerk Phineas Throckmorton barricades himself in the Caerphilly courthouse basement to thwart an unscrupulous lender who has foreclosed on the town’s public buildings, Meg and her neighbors work to clear Throckmorton of a trumped-up murder charge.
  • Creole Belle by James Lee Burke: Obsessed by the song and thoughts of the woman who visited him in a New Orleans hospital, Dave Robicheaux goes in search of her. He finds instead the frozen corpse of her sister floating at sea. As he grapples with that mystery, an oil rig explodes on the Gulf threatening the cherished environs of the bayous.
  • Gone Missing by Linda Castillo: Chief of police Kate Burkholder is called to find a young teen who disappeared during Rumspringa, but when the search turns up a dead body, Kate and state agent John Tomasetti must find a murderer, and, after delving into the life of the teen, they discover links to cold cases that may go back years.
  • The Third Gate by Lincoln Child: Professor Jeremy Logan is brought onto famed explorer Porter Stone’s archaeological team to investigate a series of harrowing and inexplicable occurrences that are causing people on the expedition to fear a centuries-old curse behind Pharoah Narmer’s elusive “double” crown of the two Egypts.
  • Gold by Chris Cleave: Kate and Zoe, track cyclers who have trained together since they were nineteen, find themselves facing their last and biggest race: the 2012 Olympics. What they don’t realize is that in the height of their frenzied months of training, the obsession and devotion required to win may cost them more than they bargained for.
  • The Bird Saviors by Willian J. Cobb: In a near-future ravaged by an alarming bird-flu pandemic and economic turmoil, a seventeen-year-old single mother finds her religious father trying to wed her off to a shady pawn shop owner with two wives. All the while, a growing criminal enterprise gains power in the region.
  • Backfire by Catherine Coulter: Judge Ramsey Hunt, longtime friend to FBI agents Lacey Sherlock and Dillon Savich, begins the murder trial of Clive and Cindy Cahill only to have federal prosecutor Mickey O’Rourke suddenly go missing and when Judge Hunt gets shot in the back, Savich and Sherlock rush to San Francisco to find out why someone is out to kill their friend.
  • Crunch Time by Diane Mott Davidson: Colorado caterer Goldy Schulz invites her friend and colleague Yolanda Garcia and Yo’s aunt Ferdinanda to visit after a series of fires and murders leave them homeless, and she cannot keep from getting involved in the investigation after an intruder tries to break into her house.
  • Wicked Businss by Janet Evanovich: Dazzling her patrons with scrumptious cupcakes at her Salem, Massachusetts, bakery, Elizabeth Tucker continues to fall for the irresistible Diesel, who protects her from a villain who is seeking mystical stones tied to the seven deadly sins.