Roxi Reviews

Roxi Wilkinson has graciously agreed to share some of her recent reads with us. The following review is part of an ongoing series of guest posts written by Roxi:

“If you are one of those people who take their dog to Wiggly Field then W. Bruce Cameron’s book A Dog’s Purpose is the perfect treat for you.

This is an intriguing story told by a dog about it’s journey through many lives.  Cameron’s style invites the reader to get inside a dog’s mind. 

Toby is a puppy when the book begins.  Toby, his Mom and litter mates are homeless and hungry.  The local dog catchers pick them up.

This is the first time Toby experiences humans, confinement and  plentiful food.  Toby thinks:  “There was, I reflected, much more complexity to the world than I supposed.  It wasn’t just about Mother and my siblings hiding from people, and playing in the culvert.  Larger events had the ability to change everything-events that were controlled by human beings.”  Thus the great outing begins.

A Dog’s Purpose is a book for the older middle school reader all the way to the most critical of adult readers.

I admit I was afraid to read an animal story because I can’t take it when the dog is hurt or dies.  I buried my face in a pillow, plugged my ears and hummed during Old Yeller. I couldn’t watch Lassie. A Dog’s Purpose was healing.  My view on life has been forever enhanced.

 A Dog’ Purpose is a charming story for any animal lover.  I promise, you will never look at your dog the same again.”


Other books in our collection for the animal lover:

The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

Emory’s Gift and A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron

Life of Pi by Yann Martel (and September’s online book club selection)

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Wesley the Owl: the remarkable love story of an owl and his girl by Stacey O’Brien (An amazing true story! Available in audiobook format via Overdrive.)

If you would like to share a review of a book in our collection you’ve enjoyed, please email me at and I’ll be happy to share!


First Brown Bag this Friday!

Join us this Friday, September 7th at noon in the community rooms as we kick off a new season of Brown Bag programs.

Wally Seiler presents . . . My Summer Vacation at Post Playhouse or How to travel 5,160 miles and never get more than 60 miles from home

Wally’s talents were selected to participate in Fort Robinson’s Post Playhouse summer productions. Join us as he recounts his summer experience working with this wonderful organization. Light refreshments will be provided courtesy of the RSVP volunteers.

New Adult Nonfiction

  • The Bridesmaid Guide: modern advice on etiquette, parties and being fabulous by Kate Chynoweth: Presents tips and guidance for bridesmaids, covering responsibilities and duties, ideas for showers, parties, and gifts, how to support the bride, and more.
  • White Man’s Water: the politics of sobriety in a Native American community by Erica Prussing: Provides an examination of the politics of sobriety for the Cheyenne Indians in Montana, and discusses how differences in age, gender, and other social features can affect both drinking and sobriety.
  • Gun: a visual history: A collection of photographs and illustrations that profile the history of over 300 muskets, rifles, pistols, and revolvers from the fourteenth century to the present.
  • Mom, Inc.: the successful guide to running a business from home by Meg Mateo Ilasco: A guide to creating and maintaining a thriving business from home, including interviews with mothers who are successful entrepreneurs.
  • Portraits of the Prairie: the land that inspired Willa Cather by Richard Schilling: Richard Schilling, with his watercolor paintings and ink sketches, conducts us to “Catherland” in Webster County, Nebraska, to scenes that might have influenced Cather, but as they appear today.
  • The Rhythm Boys of Omaha Central: High School Basketball at the ’68 Racial Divide by Steve Marantz: Tells the story of Omaha Central High School’s basketball team which made history in 1968 with its first all-black starting lineup.
  • The Oregon Trail: Yesterday and Today by William E. Hill: Presents the history of the Oregon Trail using text, maps, guidebooks, emigrant diaries and journals, historical drawings and paintings, and recent photographs.
  • After Custer: Loss and Transformation in Sioux Country by Paul L. Hedren: Examines the conflicts during the Great Sioux War of 1876-77 and its effects on the culture, environment, and geography of the northern Great Plains, its native inhabitants, and the invaders; including the laying of the Northern Pacific Railroad, the disappearance of the buffalo herd, and the beginning of cattle ranching in the area.