New Adult Fiction

  • The Spymasters by W.E.B Griffin: Tapped by FDR to assist the Allies’ efforts to secure France and build an atomic bomb, OSS spy chief Wild Bill Donovan and top agent Dick Canidy coordinate a sabotage mission in Germany while countering a mole who is leaking Manhattan Project secrets to the Soviets.
  • 15 Seconds by Andy Gross: A random act of violence plunges Henry Steadman, a successful Florida plastic surgeon, into a nightmarish world when he is accused of murdering two people. He must clear his name and discover who is trying to destroy him in order to save himself and his family.
  • Haven by Kay Hooper: Jessie, psychic investigator for a firm called Haven, has been estranged from her sister Emma for years. Now Emma is having nightmares, and the sisters discover there are secrets buried in Baron Hollow– an evil that has been festering for years, one that’s targeting Jessie and Emma one last time…
  • You Don’t Want To Know by Lisa Jackson: After spending the past two years in and out of Seattle mental institutions, unable to remember the details of her son’s disappearance, Ava returns home and, secretly visiting a hypnotist, discovers that her son may still be alive.
  • Judgement Call by J.A. Jance: Though Cochise County Sheriff Joanna Brady has tried to protect her children from the dangers of the grown-up world, the search for justice leads straight to her own door and forces her to face the possibility that her beloved daughter may be less perfect than she seems.
  • Time Untime by Sherrilyn Kenyon: Kateria Avani is driven by a lifetime of perplexing dreams to Las Vegas, where she meets a compellingly familiar warrior who has returned from the dead to prevent the fulfillment of a prophecy that could end the world.
  • Odd Apocalyspe by Dean Koontz: Odd Thomas confronts deadly adversaries in a decaying estate.
  • Trickster’s Point by William Kent Krueger: Cork O’Connor has gone bow-hunting with Jubal Little, Minnesota’s first Native American governor-elect, when an arrow out of nowhere slices through Little’s heart. Alas, the arrow belongs to O’Connor, and he must find out who framed him for this murder.
  • The Professionals by Owen Laukkanen: When a joke about making illicit money escalates to a kidnapping scheme, four friends enjoy the proceeds of a low-risk operation until they abduct the wrong target and capture the attentions of the law and a vengeful organizedcrime ring.
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