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Roxi Wilkinson has graciously agreed to share some of her recent reads with us. The following review is part of an ongoing series of guest posts written by Roxi:

Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfullness by Alexandria Fuller is an intimate story of her parents and the price of being possessed by Africa’s uncompromising, fertile, death dealing land.  We follow Tim and Nicola Fuller on an adventure that is funny in a way that’s both hilarious and tragic.

Nicola Fuller of Africa, which is her preferred name, was born July 9, l944 on the Isle of Skye, thus begins the adventure. During childhood her close friend was a monkey named Stephen Foster who wore look-alike outfits and were left unsupervised to play together.  I must admit that the picture on the front of this book of the two buddies holding hands wearing homemade rompers and the unusually meandering title piqued my curiosity into picking it up at the library.  Our pastor and his wife are from the same area of Africa that the story takes place so I was doubly intrigued with what this little package contained. Our church’s mission trip to Kenya is planned for next summer which brings the African continent to Alliance in a very real, somewhat frightening light.  I can better understand why Kenya is the destination in need of service.

I am tempted to share passages from my favorite parts of the book but I don’t want to tell you more to influence your opinion because it is just unlike any story you will find, in a very rewarding  way! Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness continues to roam around in my imagination as a masterpiece on forgiveness and healing, large expansive hats, off the wall nicknames and most of all; courage. “


Thank you Roxi, for sharing!

If you have a book you liked (or didn’t) and would like to share with our readers, please email me using the contact page on this website and I’ll be happy to post it for you!

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