New Young Adult Titles

  •  All Good Children by Catherine Austen: In the not-too-distant future, Max tries to maintain his identity in a world where the only way to survive is to conform and obey.
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky: Charlie, a freshman in high school, explores the dilemmas of growing up through a collection of letters he sends to an unknown receiver.
  • Where She Went by Gayle Forman: Adam, now a rising rock star, and Mia, a successful cellist studying at Juilliard, are reunited in New York City and reconnect for the first time since Mia’s near-fatal car accident three years earlier drove them apart.
  • Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen: Will Scarlet shadows Robin Hood, with an unerring eye for finding treasures to steal and throwing daggers with deadly accuracy, but when Gisbourne, a ruthless bounty hunter, is hired by the sheriff to capture Robin and his band of thieves, Robin must become Will’s protector risking his own life in the process.
  • Eona: The Last Dragoneye by Alison Goodman: Eona, the first female Dragoneye in hundreds of years, joins fellow rebels Ryko and Lady Dela on a quest to find the black follio and help the young Pearl Emperor win back his throne from the evil Lord Sethon.
  • Page by Paige by Laura Lee Gulledge: Paige Turner, who has just moved to New York with her family, uses her sketchbook to try to make sense of her new life, and she finds the process of sharing her artwork and identity with others both scary and rewarding.
  • Nocturne by Christine Johnson: After the tragic events of the summer, Claire wants to worry about nothing but finding the perfect dress for the Autumn Ball, but her worst nightmares come true when someone learns that she is a werewolf, placing everyone she knows at risk.
  • Legend by Marie Lu: In a dark future, when North America has split into two warring nations, fifteen-year-olds Day, a famous criminal, and prodigy June, the brilliant soldier hired to capture him, discover that they have a common enemy.
  • Across the Universe by Beth Revis: Amy, having been cryogenically frozen and placed onboard a spaceship which was supposed to land on a distant planet three hundred years in the future, is unplugged fifty years too early and finds herself stuck inside an enclosed world ruled by a tyrannical leader and his rebellious teenage heir and confused about who to trust and why someone is trying to kill her.
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