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Roxi Wilkinson has graciously agreed to share some of her recent reads with us. The following review is part of an ongoing series of guest posts written by Roxi:

“I chose this review in honor of my Mom who died ten years ago of Stage 1V cancer.

Patrick Swayze’s high energy acting career of over 30 years was kept on track despite the diagnosis of stage lV pancreatic cancer in 2008.

The Time of My Life by Patrick Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi, is a memoir not only recounting the struggle and successes of the preforming arts but of their long marriage and how cancer impacted their lives.  Patrick and Lisa met in high school and married very young.  They remained sweethearts despite the difficult curve balls life threw at them.

My introduction to Partrick Swayze was as Orry Main in the television mini series North and South.  I was impressed with the depth he gave his character.  I knew then that Swayze was an artist to follow.  My favorite movies of his are Dirty Dancing, Ghost and To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.  These are a tiny smattering of his overall accomplishment.

In his book, Swayze says:  ‘But the spiritual journey we were on wasn’t about finding answers.  It was about understanding the questions.  Once you think you have the answers, you stop growing. Yet if you keep exploring, seeking, and opening your mind, you’ll find that the learning never stops. This has helped me immeasurably in the difficult days of my life, from dealing with injury, to career disappointments, to the most trying days of all, as I fight to keep on living through cancer.’

This story is of interest to anyone awed by Swayze’s acting intensity, anyone diagnosed or love someone told they have stage lV cancer and finally, anyone seeking inspiration and encouragement with marriage.

The Time of My life was published September 2009, the same month Patrick Swayze died.  This little book gives honor and dignity to a deserving big life.”


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