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Roxi Wilkinson has graciously agreed to share some of her recent reads with us. The following review is part of an ongoing series of guest posts written by Roxi:

The Bird Saviors by William J. Cobb is a raw story taking the reader to Pueblo, Colorado set sometime in the near future.  Seventeen-year-old Ruby Cole, a single mother living with her one-legged fundamentalist father, Lord God, sets in motion a whole torrent of events when she tries to run away.  We meet an equestrian police officer who cannot keep his pants zipped, an aging,unorthodox Mormon with two wives, wanting Ruby as a third, and a variety of knot-heads willing to steal cattle, kidnap and murder.

Dying birds, constant high winds, draught, heat, poverty, wild fires and a deadly flue surround every breath of the story. From this end-of-times grit comes hope in    a larger than life Native American who rescues a woman literally chained to a kitchen, a grieving ‘bird savior’, a tiny child and a courageous fortune teller, just to name a few.

The character development has a slow start.  That with the story’s dirty, oppressive feeling I seriously considered putting the book down permanently when I remembered the librarian’s words, ‘Keep reading, it will be well worth it.’  I was generously rewarded with a great read that belongs with many classics.  Cobb weaves many complex social themes that would be ideal for a book group to explore or a high school Honors English class to study.


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