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new bookwormAfter Visiting Friends by Michael Hainey: Journalist Michael Hainey describes his life and his quest to understand the mystery of his father’s death when Michael was six amid family secrets.

Dancing with Max by Emily Colson: Emily Colson tells about her struggles as a single mom with an autistic child.

Heaven Changes Everything by Todd Burpo: Todd and Sonja share their family’s responses and reactions to the “Heaven Is for Real” experience, answering questions about what it’s like to struggle with and question God.

Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World by Michael Lewis: Explores the causes of the 2008 American financial crisis, and looks at similar situations that have occurred in other parts of the world.

Carnivore by Dillard Johnson: Amid ferocious fighting that many times nearly took his life, Sergeant Dillard ‘C.J.’ Johnson is recognized by the Pentagon to have accounted for more than two thousand enemy killed in action while battling during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Whole by Colin T. Campbell: Argues that since eating whole, plant-based foods causes an infinite amount of possible biological consequences, current nutritional research that focuses on single chemicals is inadequate; and examines why eating habits have not changed despite the changes in nutrition science.

Bright and Bold: Cozy Modern Quilts by Kim Schaefer: Provides twenty projects for easy piecing quilts in bright, cold colors.

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County by Stephen King: A musical thriller of fraternal love, lust, jealousy, and revenge that centers on two sets of brothers: the ghosts of Jack and Andy, dead in an apparent murder/suicide, and their nephews, the living Frank and Drake, who seem headed toward the same downward spiral.

Dying for Joe McCarthy’s Sins by Rodger McDaniel: Joe McCarthy s Cold War witch-hunts targeted people with same-sex attractions as much, maybe more than those with Communist sympathies which set the stage for the most wretched political blackmail in American history.

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