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Roxi Wilkinson has graciously agreed to share some of her recent reads with us. The following review is part of an ongoing series of guest posts written by Roxi:

The Death of Bees is the debut novel of Lisa O’Donnell’s that I can promise you will not forget.  Two sisters bury their parents in the backyard of their rundown home then celebrate Christmas and the oldest sister’s 15th birthday.  An elderly gay gentleman is their caring neighbor and quickly becomes the hero.  This is a story of the realities of our society.  A story telling what helps the needy and what doesn’t.  O’Donnell has written the most vividly imaginative read I have found in a very long time.  The Death of Bees quickly pulls the reader in and you will find yourself worrying about the fate of the sisters. I was especially drawn in since my parents cared for several foster children while I was growing up.  My eyes are tuned to the nightmares of their plight. Other social issues addressed are; homophobia, adoption of homeless animals, refugees, substance abuse and the list goes on.  Read this.  It won’t disappoint.


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