New Adult Nonfiction

new bookwormThe Future of God by Deepak Chopra: Outlining a path to God that turns unbelief into the first step of awakening, Deepak shows us that a crisis of faith is like the fire we must pass through on the way to power, truth, and love.

Fields of Blood by Karen Armstrong: Explores the decline of religious self-identification in America and the perception of faith as a source of aggression, intolerance and divisiveness.

The Twelfth Victim: The innocence of Caril Fugate in the Starkweather murder rampage by Linda Battisti: Explores the sensationalization of the Starkweather murders and the possibility that Caril Fugate was forced into submission in fear of her life.

Crop Ecology by D.J. Connor: Provides in-depth coverage of the impact of environmental conditions and management on crops, resource requirements for productivity and effects on soil resources.

You Can Farm by Joel Salatin: A practical guide to getting into the farming business that covers each step from initial ideas to livestock sanitation to clientele and pricing, providing such tools as “Recipes for Failure” and “The Ten Best Complementary Enterprises.”

The Good Dog: true stories of love, loss and loyalty: A collection of true stories that celebrate the relationship between humans and dogs written by top writers and based on the Garden & Gun magazine’s column “Good Dog”.

Wanda E. Brunstetter’s Amish Friends Cookbook: A brand new collection of holiday recipes and insights into Christmas celebrations direct from Amish homes. You’ll also enjoy the addition of scriptures and common Amish sayings.

Dining at the White House: from the President’s table to yours by John Moeller: Provides recipes for menus served at White House events with photos and anecdotes about cooking for the White House.

Masters of Deception: Escher, Dali and the artists of optical illustion by Al Seckel: Presents a collection of optical illusion art by a number of noted artists including Salvador Dali, Vik Muniz, and Roger Shepard.

Magic of M.C. Escher: Discusses the perspective artist’s life and works and offers prints of some of his best-known pieces, unpublished drawings, the artist’s own commentary, and additional observations.

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