New Nonfiction

new bookwormData and Goliath by Bruce Schneier: Discusses how personal data from cell phones, e-mails, Internet searches, and social media is being collected and stored by corporations and governments and offers tips for protecting one’s privacy.

Life is . . . by Judah Smith: Life is to enjoy God. Judah writes as a friend, welcoming new believers, lifelong followers of Jesus, and even the merely curious.

Foxcatcher by Mark Schultz: The true story of Olympic wrestling gold medal-winning brothers Mark Schultz and Dave Schultz and their fatal relationship with the eccentric John du Pont, heir to the du Pont dynasty.

Red Notice by Bill Browder: The author shares his experiences working in finance in Russia after the break-up of the Soviet Union, the corruption he found, and the danger her put himself in to expose it.

The Lost Girls: The Lost Girls tells the truly amazing story of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, who were kidnapped, imprisoned, and repeatedly raped and beaten in a Cleveland house for over a decade by Ariel Castro, and their amazing escape in May 2013, which made headlines all over the world.

ISIS: inside the army of terror by Michael Weiss: Explains how ISIS evolved from a nearly defeated Iraqi insurgent group into a jihadi army of international volunteers who behead Western hostages in videos and have conquered territory equal to the size of Great Britain.

More Than Football by Kathy Nelson: Tells the little-known story of George Flippin, the first black man to play for football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and went on to spend many years as a doctor in Stromsburg, Nebraska.

Lost in Wonder, Love and Praise by Chuck Leypoldt: A memoir of a Nebraska preacher.

The Battle for Moscow by David Stahel: With unparalleled research from previously undocumented army files and soldiers’ letters, Stahel takes a fresh look at the battle for Moscow, which even before the Soviet winter offensive, threatened disaster for Germany’s war in the east.

Prairie Schooner Spring 2015: A collection of contemporary literary works, published quarterly by the University of Nebraska Press, including short fiction, reviews and poetry


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