New Adult Fiction

new bookwormThe Second Sister by Marie Bostwick: Years of long workdays as a political campaigner are about to pay off now that Lucy Toomey’s boss is entering the White House. But when her estranged sister unexpectedly dies, Lucy is drawn back to her small Wisconsin hometown

The Decision by Wanda Brunstetter: Moving from Pennsylvania, finding rewarding work, and leaving heartbreak behind is the best decision Jonah ever made. But is he ready to consider love again when he meets Elaine Schrock? Will his heart mend when she chooses loyalty over love?

Pride vs. Prejudice by Joan Hess: To exact revenge on the county prosecutor, Claire tracks down the defendant of a murder case, a woman accused of murdering her husband, and vows to help prove her innocence in court.

Falling in Love by Donna Leon: Attending a performance by a opera star he saved in Death at La Fenice, Brunetti learns that the singer is being stalked by an obsessed fan who subsequently attacks a fellow performer.

The Angel Court Affair by Anne Perry: Thomas Pitt is sent to protect Sofia Delacruz, a young and British preacher, but when kidnappers manage to reach Sofia murdering two of her companions in the process, he the message the lovely evangelist was meant to deliver was far more urgent than he knew.

The Love Letters by Beverly Lewis: Marlena Wenger, an aunt from the Beachy Amish caring for her infant niece, finds comfort and hope from an Old Order Amish mother and her family who extend friendship to a homeless man, whose few possessions include a collection of love letters.

Emma by Alexander McCall Smith:The summer after university, Emma returns to Highbury where she will live with her health-conscious father until she is ready to launch her interior-design business. In the meantime, she will do what she does best: offer guidance to those less wise in the ways of the world than herself.

NYPD Red 3 by James Patterson: When a billionaire’s chauffeur is brutally murdered and his son is abducted, NYPD Red Detective Zach Jordan and his ex-girlfriend partner, Kylie MacDonald, realize that their own lives are becoming more threatened as they get closer to solving the case.

A Dangerous Place by Jacqueline Winspear: Arriving in turbulent 1937 Gibraltar in the aftermath of a tragedy, Maisie Dobbs raises the British Secret Service’s suspicions through her involvement in the murder of a Sephardic Jewish photographer.

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