New Adult Fiction

new bookwormThe Books of Speculation by Erika Swyler: Simon Watson mysteriously receives a book that tells the story of Amos and Evangeline, doomed lovers who lived and worked in a traveling circus more than two hundred years ago, and it sets off a chain of unusual events tangled up in Simon’s family history.

Kitchens of the Great Midwest by Ryan Stradal: Lars Thorvald wife leaves him and their daughter Eva. He raises Eva to share his love of food. She does and becomes the star chef behind a legendary and secretive pop-up supper club, culminating in an opulent and emotional feast that’s a testament to her spirit and resilience.

The Redeemers by Ace Atkins: Quinn Colson is close to jobless. He has offers, in bigger and better places, but before he goes, he’s got one more job to do–bring down Stagg’s criminal operations for good. At least that’s the plan. But a former flame and a safe full of secrets might derail them.

The Truth According to Us by Annie Barrows: Miss Layla Beck, the daughter of a powerful Senator has her notions of real life–the social whirl of Newport and New York–totally upended and she despairs in rooming with the overly eccentric Romeyn family in a small backwater town.

After the Storm by Linda Castillo: Kate Burkholder must uncover a family’s long-hidden past to solve a brutal murder when she is plunged into a thirty year old case that takes her deep into the Amish community to which she once belonged.

Among the Ten Thousand Things by Julia Pierpont: An anonymously sent package arrives in the mail: a cardboard box containing sheaves of printed emails chronicling Deb’s husband’s secret life. The package is addressed to Deb, but it’s delivered into the wrong hands: her children’s.

Perfect Touch by Elizabeth Lowell: A heart-racing tale in which a former soldier turned rancher and a beautiful designer race to stop a vicious killer–a battle for survival that threatens to explode in an intense and irresistible passion.

Death by Tiara by Laura Levine: When she is hired to write lyrics for a contestant in the Miss Teen Queen America pageant, freelance writer Jaine Austen is plunged into a glittering nightmare of vicious stage moms, exacting judges and trash-talking teens after a catfight turns deadly.

 The Same Sky by Amanda War: Tells the story of Alice Conroe, a forty year old Texas barbecue owner who has the perfect life, except she and her husband long for a child. Unable to conceive, she’s trying desperately to adopt but her destiny is quickly altered by a young woman she’s never met.

The Naked Eye by Iris Johansen: Kendra Michaels was instrumental in bringing serial killer Eric Colby to justice. And yet, despite his apparent execution at San Quentin, Kendra is convinced that Colby is still alive.

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