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new bookwormPlunder and Deceit by Mark Levin: Author and talk-radio host Mark R. Levin outlines his concerns about the federal government’s role in civil society, touching on issues of debt, immigration, healthcare, education, and the environment, especially as they relate to young Americans.

A More Perfect Union by Ben Carson: The author discusses his belief that the purpose of the Constitution is to create a more perfect union and his goal to empower America to help protect that union and secure the blessings of liberty.

The New Tsar by Stephen Meyers: Steven Lee Myers has followed Vladimir Putin’s path for many years, and he gives us the fullest, most absorbing account we have of his rise to power. This gripping narrative elucidates a cool and calculating man with enormous ambition and few scruples.

Winter is Coming by Garry Kasparov: Kasparov shows that the collapse of the Soviet Union was not an endpoint – only a change of seasons, as the Cold War has melted into a new spring. But now, after years of complacency and poor judgment, winter is upon us once again.

Lights Out by Ted Koppel: A well-designed attack on just one of the nation’s three electric power grids could cripple much of our infrastructure–and in the age of cyberwarfare, a laptop has become the only necessary weapon.

The German War by Nicholas Stargardt: Told from the perspective of those who lived through it– soldiers, school-teachers and housewives; Nazis, Christians and Jews— this historical narrative sheds fresh and disturbing light on the beliefs, hopes, and fears of people who experienced World War II.

Neuro Tribes by Steve Silberman: A groundbreaking book that upends conventional thinking about autism and suggests a broader model for acceptance, understanding, and full participation in society for people who think differently.

Spruce by Amanda Brown: With clear instructions illustrated by more than 900 step-by-step photographs, the five projects included here are designed to teach all of the techniques and skills you need to reupholster any piece of furniture to suit your own taste and style.

Inside the Cell by Erin Murphy: Erin Murphy shows how DNA typing can be subject to misuse, mistake, and error, and lead to a police state run amok.

Prince William: the man who will be king by Penny Junor: An in-depth portrait of William, the man who will be King of England– and the story of his relationship with the woman who will be his queen.

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