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new bookwormThat Darkness by Lisa Black: Cleveland forensic investigator Maggie Gardiner investigates a female teenaged victim that no one has reported missing, and a killer with a unique sense of justice.

The Fireman by Joe Hill: A terrifying new plague is spreading like wildfire across the country, striking cities one by one. Dragonscale marks its hosts with beautiful marks across their bodies—before causing them to burst into flames. Millions are infected; blazes erupt everywhere. No one is safe.

Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben: Former special ops pilot Maya sees an unthinkable image captured by her nanny cam while she is at work: her two-year-old daughter playing with Maya’s husband, Joe–who had been brutally murdered two weeks earlier. The provocative question at the heart of the mystery: Can you believe everything you see with your own eyes, even when you desperately want to?

The Light of the Fireflies by Paul Pen: For his whole life, the boy has lived underground, in a basement with his disfigured family. When fireflies arrive, the light makes the boy want to escape and know the outside world. The problem is, all the doors are locked. And he doesn’t know how to get out.

The Obsession by Nora Roberts: As a child Naomi unintentionally revealed horrible crimes committed by her father. As an adult she has found a new life. The locals, especially Xander Keaton, want to know more about her, but she’s learned time and again that her past is never more than a nightmare away.

 Tall Tail by Reta Mae Brown: Returning to Virginia’s post-revolutionary history and to characters introduced in Tail Gait, Harry and her animal companions come closer to drawing a link between the past and the present. And in this centuries-spanning caper, they will discover that hiding who you really are may have mortal consequences.

Star Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Gray: Presents a prequel to Star Wars: The force awakens, set roughly six years before the events of the film.

The Emperor’s Revenge by Clive Cussler: Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon face their toughest challenge yet when a violent bank heist during the Monaco Grand Prix decimates the Corporation’s accounts. To get the money back, Juan joins forces with an old friend from his days in the CIA.

Riders on the Orphan Train by Allison Moore: This is the story of two children from very different backgrounds, Ezra Duval and Elizabeth Farrell, who find themselves on the same train heading West in 1918. Their odyssey is a story of dislocation, loss, and the search for home that is at the heart of the American experience.

15th Affair by James Patterson: As she settles into motherhood and a happy marriage, Lindsay Boxer thinks she has found domestic bliss. But when a beautiful, alluring blonde woman with links to the CIA disappears from the scene of a brutal murder at a downtown luxury hotel, Lindsay’s life begins to unravel, and she turns to the Women’s Murder Club for help as she tries to uncover the truth.

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