2017 Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible across a huge swath of the United States, and Alliance is right on the center Path of Totality. This is the first solar eclipse over the continental United States in 40 years. Alliance is located directly on the path of totality and we will be celebrating the event with the programs listed below.

The Alliance Public Library Foundation has eclipse books for children for sale at the Alliance Public Library. Options include an educational book with child size glasses for $8 and an activity book for $4. All proceeds will support the Alliance Public Library and programs like the following:



Free Eclipse Glasses provided via STARnet for Libraries. We will be giving away free eclipse glasses during the week of August 14th through August 21st. One pair of glasses will be given to each person who comes into the library and requests a pair, while supplies last. Glasses may not be reserved ahead of time. To make it fair to everyone, and to avoid abuse of this service, one pair will be given out to individuals who are physically present and able to collect them in person.


Digitarium Planetarium, August 17-18th (Alliance Public Library) and August 19-20th (Knight Museum and Sandhills Center): Prepare for the Great American Eclipse by seeing a planetarium show presented by Kyle with Digitalus! You’ll see what happens when the moon crosses between he sun and earth, both from here on earth and from the moon. You’ll also see other wonders of the night sky. Planetarium shows will be 40 minutes long and participants will be seated on the floor. we can accommodate wheel chairs and a few upright chairs.

The show is designed for ages 10 and up. Children ages 5 -10 may can enjoy the show but may not fully grasp all the concepts. Please, no children under age 5. You MUST call or schedule in person a time to see the show due to limited seating.

The program is made available to our community through the generous support of the following organizations: The Friends of the Alliance Public Library, Western Nebraska Community College, The Knight Museum and Sandhills Center Museum Partners, and the Alliance Public Schools Foundation.


Alliance Public Library Total Eclipse Science Fair: THIS PROGRAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST. The Alliance Public Library is hosting a Total Eclipse Science Fair this summer for students entering first through twelfth grades. This is a great opportunity for students to be creative, use the scientific process, and learn about the total solar eclipse occurring on Monday, August 21, 2017. Projects can be from any branch of science (physical, biological, or even social), but must relate in some way to the eclipse.


Eclipse Info: The library grounds will be a good place to view the solar eclipse. We are not a designated camping area, and will not be able to accommodate overnight camping or recreational vehicles. We are a public facility, and viewing space is available on a first come, first served basis. For more information on designated camping areas, please visit the city website at www.cityofalliance.net

In Alliance we will be able to see the Moon cover the Sun gradually, starting at 10:27 am. Then at 11:49 am, we will experience a Total Eclipse for two and a half minutes!

In Alliance, at 10:27:07 am we’ll have first contact, where the moon begins to cross in front of the sun. It will gradually move across the sun, and at 11:49:09 am we’ll see a beautiful diamond ring. The sun will be completely covered for two minutes thirty seconds. Then another diamond ring as the sun begins to reappear. The moon will continue to cross over the sun until 1:16:40 pm.

Special safety precautions must be taken to view the eclipse and prevent damage to the eye.

“Don’t look directly at the sun! You can go blind!”

Actually, that’s true. Your retina, in the back of your eyeball, is light sensitive, and looking directly at the sun can damage rods and cones. Too much intense light can cause blindness, temporary or permanent.

Special eclipse sunglasses: These are NOT Sunglasses.  They are 1,000 times darker than sunglasses. Please plan ahead. The library cannot guarantee that solar eclipse glasses will be available to the public on the day of the eclipse.

Welder’s glass: Yes, you can wear a welding helmet, but the glass has to be number 14 welder’s glass to protect your eyes. The standard green welding glass doesn’t do enough to protect your eyes from the infrared light.

When the sun is fully eclipsed, you get to take your special glasses off! (Do this when you see the Diamond Ring.) You’ll see the black hole in the sky, surrounded by the sun’s corona. This looks different with every eclipse, depending on the sun’s magnetic field and activity. You’ll see red dots, then beautiful silver arcs. You’ll also get to see stars and planets. People will be yelling, laughing, crying. This is so awe-inspiring that people travel all around the world to experience it.






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