New Fiction Titles

Paradox by Catherine Coulter: When an escaped mental patient fails to kidnap five-year-old Sean Savich, agents Sherlock and Savich know they’re in his crosshairs and must find him before he continues with his kill list.

Tailspin by Sandra Brown: One night pilot Ryan Mallet takes to the air, when no other pilot would, to deliver a black padlocked box. What awaits him at his destination is a near crash and a run-in with Dr. Brynn O’Neal. Soon they’re reluctantly teamed in a mad race against the clock, the law, and the ruthless individuals who will kill in order to get the precious payload for themselves.

There by Tommy Orange: Twelve Native Americans came to the Big Oakland Powwow for different reasons. One of these twelve, Tony Loneman, is a young Native American boy whose future seems destined to be as bleak as his past, and he has come to the Powwow with dark intentions — intentions that will destroy the lives of everyone in his path.

Clock Dance: When Willa receives a phone call from a stranger telling her that her son’s ex-girlfriend has been shot, she flies across the country to Baltimore to look after a young woman she’s never met, her nine-year-old daughter, and their dog, Airplane. The impulsive decision will lead Willa into uncharted territory in unexpected places.

The Seasons of Doubt by Jeannie Burt: On the frigid Nebraska prairie of 1873, Mary Harrington’s husband abandons her and their five-year-old son. Three months later, she still does not know if he is alive or dead. By then, they have run out of food and fuel, their sod house is freezing. Desperate, they abandon their homestead and set out in the midst of a prairie winter. With such bleak prospects, she must find help. But where? How?

Bellewether by Susanna Kearsley: Legend has it that a forbidden love between Jean-Philippe and Lydia ended tragically, but centuries later, the clues they left behind slowly unveil the true story. Part history, part romance, and all kinds of magic, Susanna Kearsley’s latest masterpiece will draw you in and never let you go, even long after you’ve closed the last page.

Iron Gold by Pierce Brown: A decade ago, Darrow was the hero of the revolution he believed would break the chains of the Society, and abolish the color-coded caste system. But the Rising has shattered everything, and brought endless war. New foes emerge to threaten what has been earned, and throughout the worlds other destinies entwine with Darrow’s to change his fate forever.

Cottage by the Sea by Debbie Macomber: Rocked by tragedy, Annie heads to the one place that makes her happy: Oceanside in the Pacific Northwest. Once there, Annie begins to restore her broken spirit, thanks in part to the folks she meets: a local painter, Keaton, whose large frame is equal to his big heart–and who helps Annie fix up her rental cottage by the sea; Mellie, the reclusive, prickly landlord Annie is determined to befriend; and Britt, a teenager with a terrible secret.

Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris: Twelve years ago Finn’s girlfriend, Layla, disappeared. He told the police the truth about that night. Now Finn has moved on. But his past won’t stay buried. A small Russian doll left near his house is torture to Finn and his fiancé. It’s a sign that Layla is still alive. And so the happiness he has managed to find with Layla’s sister, Ellen, is brought into question.  

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