New Non Fiction Titles

The First Days on the Eastern Front by Craig Luther: Luther narrates June 22 – one of the pivotal days of World War II – from the high command down to the tanks and soldiers at the sharp end, covering strategy as well as tactics and the vivid personal stories of the men who crossed the border into the Soviet Union that fateful day.

Love Defined by Kristin Clark: In this insightful, encouraging, and totally candid book, sisters Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird share a radically better and refreshingly biblical approach to navigating your love life. Covering topics such as true love, purposeful relationships, sex, boundaries, and singleness, Love defined will take you on a journey to discovering God’s good and original design for romance.

The Breakthrough by Charles Graber: Draws on the experiences of patients, physicians, and researchers to explain the revolutionary development of immunotherapy as a treatment for cancer and how that information is being harnessed to create more effective patient therapies.

Napoleon by Adam Zamoyski: Here, historian Adam Zamoyski cuts through the mythology and explains Napoleon against the background of the European Enlightenment, and what he was himself seeking to achieve. This most man is also the most hidden of men, and Zamoyski dives deeper than any previous biographer to find him. Beautifully written, Napoleon brilliantly sets the man in his European context.

The Price of Greatness by Jay Cost: In the history of American politics there are few stories as enigmatic as that of Alexander Hamilton and James Madison’s bitterly personal falling out over the meaning of the Constitution. Jay Cost shows that each man in his own way came to accept corruption as a necessary cost of growth. The Price of Greatness reveals the trade-off that made the United States the richest nation in human history, and that continues to fracture our politics to this day.

The Complete Book of Clean by Toni Hammersley: Learn the best seasons to tackle home projects, storage solutions to simplify the process and teach even the messiest kids to clean up after themselves. Tackle every mess, stain and dust-magnet, and keep things from getting out of hand in the future–all while being environmentally friendly and keeping toxic chemicals out of your home.

In the Hurricane’s Eye by Nathaniel Philbrick: In the fall of 1780 George Washington had come to realize that the only way to defeat the British Empire was with the help of the French navy. But coordinating was next to impossible. And then the impossible happened. Recognized as one of the most important naval engagements in the history of the world, the Battle of the Chesapeake–fought without a single American ship–made the subsequent victory of the Americans at Yorktown a virtual inevitability.

White like Her: my family’s story of race and racial passing by Gail Lukasik: The story of Gail Lukasik’s mother’s passing, Gail’s struggle with the shame of her mother’s choice, and her subsequent journey of self-discovery and redemption.

Norse Mythology by Matt Clayton: Offers a brief introduction to some of the best-known Norse myths in the primary sources.

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