New Fiction Titles


The Perfect Family by Shalini Boland: Gemma’s six-year-old daughter has disappeared out the front door. After what feels like forever, her mother-in-law Diane finds Katie wandering a few streets away. Relieved to have her youngest child back, Gemma thinks the nightmare is over. But then her perfect family starts to fall apart. And she realizes it’s only just beginning.

Triple Jeopardy by Anne Perry: Daniel Pitt’s sister Jemima returns to London after a violent theft just left Jemima’s good friend frightened and missing a treasured family heirloom. The thief appears to be a man named Sydney–a British diplomat stationed in America who, in a cowardly move, has fled to London. As Daniel parses through the evidence, and what begins as a stolen necklace turns out to have implications in crimes far greater–including a possible murder

The Department of Sensitive Crime by Alexander McCall Smith: The Department of Sensitive Crimes takes on three extremely strange cases. First, the detectives investigate how and why a local business owner was stabbed . . . in the back of the knee. Next, a young woman’s imaginary boyfriend goes missing. Finally, Varg investigates if nocturnal visitations at a local spa have a supernatural element.

The Fox by Frederick Forsythe: The Pentagon, the NSA, and the CIA have been hacked simultaneously, their seemingly impenetrable firewalls breached by an unknown enemy known only as “The Fox.” Even more surprisingly, the culprit is revealed to be a young British teenager, Luke Jennings. He has no agenda, no secrets, just a blisteringly brilliant mind. Extradition to the U.S. seems likely–until Weston has another idea: If Luke can do this to us, what can he do to our enemies?

Strong to the Bone by Jon Land: Fifth generation Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong pursues a killer who eluded her grandfather more than half a century earlier, a case that reveals a conspiracy connecting a World War II-era Nazi POW camp and a modern-day neo-Nazi gang.

A Taste for Vengeance by Martin Walker: When a British tourist fails to turn up for a luxurious cooking vacation, Bruno is called for help. Bruno discovers that Monica was traveling with a mysterious Irishman, and they turn up dead. The Irishman’s background in intelligence and his connection to Monica’s husband only raise more questions for Bruno. Was she running away? How much does her husband really know? What’s the real story behind a scandal buried in the threesome’s military past?

Oath of Office by Marc Cameron: Freedom may have finally arrived in Iran. As protests break out across the country, the media rejoices over the so-called Persian Spring. Only President Jack Ryan remains wary. Meanwhile, he has plenty to handle at home. Two Russian nuclear missiles have been hijacked. The Campus gets their first break when Jack Junior connects with a rogue Russian intelligence officer in Afghanistan–only to be abducted soon after arriving. President Ryan’s toughest challenge emerges: How do you meet an enemy head on, when he won’t even show you his face?

Miracle at St. Andrews by James Patterson (large print edition): Former professional golfer Travis McKinley travels Scotland to the mythical greens at St. Andrews in search of something that can help him achieve a higher plane.

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