New Fiction Titles

Snow by John Banville: John Strafford has been summoned to County Wexford to investigate a murder. A parish priest has been found dead in Ballyglass House, the family seat of the aristocratic, secretive Osborne family. And when his own deputy goes missing, he must work to unravel the ever-expanding mystery before the community’s secrets, like the snowfall itself, threaten to obliterate everything.

Winter Counts by David Weiden: Virgil Wounded Horse is the local enforcer on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. When heroin makes its way into the reservation and finds Virgil’s nephew, his vigilantism suddenly becomes personal. He enlists the help of his ex-girlfriend and sets out to learn where the drugs are coming from, and how to make them stop. As Virgil starts to link the pieces together, he must face his own demons and reclaim his Native identity.

The Hollow Ones by Guillermo del Toro: Rookie FBI agent Odessa Hardwicke’s life is derailed when she’s forced to turn her gun on her partner. Walt Leppo, a decorated FBI agent, turned suddenly violent while apprehending a rampaging murderer. What most troubles her isn’t the tragedy itself– it’s the shadowy presence she thought she saw fleeing Leppo’s body after his death. She soon finds herself on the trail of a mysterious figure named John Silence, a man of enormous means who claims to have been alive for centuries. He is either an unhinged lunatic… or humanity’s only defense against unspeakable evil.

Cleo McDougal Regrets Nothing by Allison Scotch: Cleo McDougal: from congresswoman to senator, the ambitious single mother now has her eye on the White House. Until an estranged childhood friend shreds her with seven words –‘Cleo McDougal is not a good person.’ Now the presidential hopeful has gone from in control to damage control, and not just in Washington but in life. Enter Cleo’s ‘regrets list’ of 233 and counting, causing her open her heart to what matters most–one regret at a time.

The Glass Kingdom by Lawrence Osborne:  Leaving New York for the heat, humidity and anonymity of Bangkok, Sarah arrives in Thailand with the sole desire to lose herself, a stranger in a strange land. Yet she also leaves behind a complicated past, and a deception she holds close to her chest. As attempted coups wrack the city and political chaos erupts on the streets below, so do tensions within the gilded world of her life. Sarah must now ask herself: Who can she trust?

The Cabinets of Barnaby Mayne by Elsa Hart: London, 1703. Sir Barnaby Mayne has devoted his life to filling his cabinets with natural and written wonders. While the curious-minded vie for invitations to study the rare items, some visitors come with a darker purpose. For Cecily Kay, the only puzzle she expects to encounter is how to locate specimens, but when her host is stabbed to death, Cecily must enter the world of the collectors, a realm where intellect is distorted by obsession and greed.

The Grace Year by Kim Liggett:  No one speaks of the grace year. It is forbidden. In Garner County, girls are told their very skin emits a powerful aphrodisiac, the potent essence of youth. That’s why they’re banished for their sixteenth year, to release their magic into the wild so they can return purified and ready for marriage. But not all of them will make it home alive. With sharp prose and gritty realism, The Grace Year examines the complex and sometimes twisted relationships between girls, the women they eventually become, and the difficult decisions they make in-between.

Three Women Disappear by James Patterson: When three female suspects in the murder of an accountant, who was a master manipulator, go missing, Detective Sean Walsh, who has a personal connection to the case, discovers why the women have to hide from both the law and each other.

Tantalizing Twenty-Seven by Janet Evanovich: When Grandma Mazur’s new husband dies on their wedding night, the only thing he left her was an old easy chair and the keys to a fortune, but as Stephanie and Grandma Mazur search for the treasure, they discover that two past enemies, along with a new adversary stand in their way.

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