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 Madam by Phoebe Wynne: Rose is a 26-year-old teacher and prestigious Caldonbrae boarding school’s new head of the department. She soon discovers that behind the school’s elitist veneer lies an impenetrable, starkly traditional culture. Secret circumstances surround the abrupt departure of her predecessor. In her search for answers, Rose instead uncovers the darkness that beats at the heart of Caldonbrae, forcing her to confront the school’s nefarious purpose, and her own role in perpetuating it.

Freed by E.L. James: Relive the sensuality, the romance, and the drama of Fifty Shades Freed through the thoughts, reflections, and dreams of Christian Grey. Ana’s defiant spirit continues to stir Christian’s darkest fears and tests his need for control. As old rivalries and resentments endanger them both, one misjudgment threatens to tear them apart. Can Christian overcome the nightmares of his childhood and the torments of his youth, and save himself?

Death with a Double Edge by Anne Perry: When junior barrister Daniel Pitt is summoned to the scene of a murder, he knows only that the victim is a senior barrister from the same firm. When inquiries in lead him to a local brothel and an opium den, but also–unexpectedly–to a wealthy shipbuilder, Daniel finds his path blocked by officials at every turn, his investigation so unwelcome that even his father, Special Branch head Thomas Pitt, receives a chilling warning from a powerful source.

The Saboteurs by Clive Cussler: Detective Isaac Bells wife has said that he is always in the wrong place at the right time. This is certainly the case when Bell thwarts the attempted assassination of a U.S. Senator shortly after meeting the man. This heroic rescue is just the start of the mystery for Bell, who suspects that the would-be assassins have a much larger and more dangerous agenda.

A Fatal Lie by Charles Todd: A peaceful Welsh village is thrown into turmoil when a terrified boy stumbles on a body in a nearby river. The man appears to have fallen, but there is no identification on the body, he isn’t a local, and no one will admit to having seen him before. With little to go on, the village police turn to Scotland Yard and Inspector Ian Rutledge for help.

Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead: In Missoula, Montana, Marian commences her lifelong love affair with flight until she eventually disappears on her attempt to circumnavigate the globe. A century later, Hadley Baxter is cast to play Marian in a film. Her immersion into the character of Marian unfolds, thrillingly, alongside Marian’s own story, as the two women’s fates–and their hunger for self-determination in vastly different geographies and times– collide.

Tom Clancy Target Acquired by Don Bentley: Jack Ryan Jr. would do anything for Ding Chavez. That’s why Jack is currently sitting in an open air market in Israel helping a CIA team with a simple job. It’s a cushy assignment–an all-expense-paid trip to Israel in exchange for a couple hours of easy work, but when he hastens to help a woman and her young son, he finds himself the target of trained killers. Alone and outgunned Jack will have to use all his skills to protect the life of the child.

Jackpot by Stuart Woods: When Peter Barrington and Ben Bacchetti come under threat while working at a film festival abroad, Teddy Fay is lured to the glittering city of Macau to resolve the problem.

Palace of the Drowned by Christine Mangan: It’s 1966 and author Frankie Croy needs a break. She retreats to Venice where she meets a fellow British expat, a precocious young fan named Gilly who is eager to befriend her favorite author at all costs. Frankie is skeptical of someone so relentlessly chipper, and Gilly tells stories that seem too good to be true, and in fact some of them are. This complicated web of desperate friendship, half-truths, and white lies-all set against a once-in-a-generation storm that inundates Venice and leaves it flooded-will lead Frankie to make a choice that is impossible to undo.

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