New Nonfiction

A Carnival of Snackery by David Sedaris: In this follow-up to his previous volume of diaries, the award-winning humorist chronicles the years 2003-2020, charting his rise to fame with his trademark misanthropic charm and wry wit.

Midnight in Washington by Adam Schiff: Schiff  takes us through  his personal account of January 6, 2021, and how the anti-democratic forces Trump unleashed continue to define his party, making the future of democracy in America more uncertain than ever.

The Great Patriot by Wayne Allyn Root: Are you a conservative patriot who fears for the future, believes in Judeo-Christian values, and believes America is under attack in a Socialist takeover? Do you see and feel evil all around us? If your answer is “yes”… this book is for you.

Rigged by Mollie Hemingway: Stunned by the turbulence of the 2020 election, millions of Americans are asking the forbidden question: what really happened? Rewriting history is a specialty of the radical left, now in control. But they will have to contend with the determination, insight, and eloquence of Mollie Hemingway. 

War by Other Means by Keith Kellogg: General Keith Kellogg saw it all. The only national security advisor to work side by side with both President Trump and Vice President Pence. No one knows better than he that the hysterical accusations of the administration’s partisan detractors were unconnected to reality.

Immune by Phillip Dettmer: Touching on our body’s defenses, the types of adversaries we face, and the grave consequences of immune malfunction, Immune is a vital crash course in what is arguably, and increasingly, the most important system in the body.

The Forever Dog by Rodney Habib & Dr. Karen Shaw Becker: When Rodney Habib’s dog, Sam, was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, it sent him on a mission to save her life. Backed by cutting-edge research, The Forever Dog explores the key factors that can help improve your dog’s health and lengthen your dog’s lifespan.

The Boys by Ron Howard & Clint Howard: By turns confessional, nostalgic, heartwarming and harrowing, the award-winning filmmaker and his brother, an audience-favorite actor, share their unusual family story of navigating and surviving life as sibling child actors.

Going There by Katie Couric: Couric reveals how she has balanced her personality, intellectual curiosity and desire to be taken seriously while facing a host of challenges: an eating disorder, sexism, the perils of celebrity, and life with two young daughters after her husband, Jay Monahan, died of colon cancer.

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