New DVDs

The Hunt: In this subversive satire, a group of elites gather at a remote Manor House to hunt ordinary Americans for sport. But the elites’ master plan is about to be derailed because one of The Hunted, Crystal, knows The Hunter’s game better than they do. She turns the tables on the killers, picking them off one by one as she makes her way toward the mysterious woman at the center of it all.

Bad Boys for Life: The original Bad Boys, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, are back. After a string of assassinations and an attempt on Mike’s life, he convinces a hesitant Marcus to hold off retirement and partner one last time. Together, they team up with Ammo, the new hotshot division of the Miami PD, to take down the merciless head of the Aretas Cartel.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Powered with incredible speed, Sonic the Hedgehog, AKA the Blue Blur, embraces his new home on Earth. That is, until he accidentally knocks out the power grid and sparks the attention of the super-uncool evil genius Dr. Robotnik. Now it’s super-villain vs. super-sonic in an all-out race across the globe to stop Robotnik from using Sonic’s power for world domination.

Fantasy Island: The enigmatic Mr. O’Roarke makes the secret dreams of his lucky guests come true at a luxurious but remote tropical resort. But when the fantasies turn into nightmares, the guests have to solve the island’s mystery in order to escape with their lives.

Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker: Lucasfilm and director J.J. Abrams join forces once again to take viewers on an epic journey to a galaxy far, far away with the riveting conclusion of the seminal Skywalker saga, where new legends will be born and the final battle for freedom is yet to come.

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase: For 16-year-old Nancy drew, life in a small town is mighty dull. She longs for excitement, adventure and the chance to make a difference. Nancy gets the opportunity when she is asked to help solve the ghostly activity at the Twin Elms mansion. Can she help explain the creaking footsteps, exploding light bulbs, and ominous creature?

Arkansas: Kyle and Swin live by the orders of an Arkansas-based drug kingpin named Frog, who they’ve never met. Their world is upended after one too many inept decisions, and they find themselves directly in Frog’s cross hairs, who sees them as a threat to his empire. Based on John Brandon’s best-selling novel, Arkansas weaves together three decades of Deep South drug trafficking to explore the cycle of violence that turns young men into criminals and old men in legends.

Like a Boss: Best friends Mia and Mel are living their best lives, running their own cosmetics company until a villainous beauty mogul conspires to steal it from under them. When her devious plan drives the besties apart, Mia and Mel learn that sticking together is the only way to turn the tables and take back their company. The beauty business is about to get ugly.

The Gentlemen: From writer/director Guy Ritchie comes a star-studded sophisticated action comedy. American expat Mickey Pearson built a highly profitable marijuana empire in London. When word gets out that he’s looking to cash out of the business forever, it triggers, plots, schemes, bribery and blackmail in an attempt to steal his domain out from under him.

Charlie’s Angels: The new Angels are among the world’s smartest, bravest, and most highly trained women all over the globe. Under the guidance of Bosley, the Angels have to protect a revolutionary technology from becoming weaponized. They will have to rely on each other as their assignment becomes increasingly treacherous and even those closest to them can no longer be trusted.

The Way Back: Jack Cunningham was a high school basketball phenom with a promising future when he suddenly walked away from the game. Now years later, he is drowning in the alcoholism that cost him his marriage and any hope for a better life. When Jack is asked to coach the basketball team at his alma mater, he may have finally found a reason to confront his demons.

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New Fiction Titles

New titles are added weekly!

All the Ways We Said Goodbye by Beatriz Williams: In France, 1914, an heiress, a resistance fighter, and a widow are all joined by one legendary hotel: the Ritz in Paris.

The Book of Lost Friends by Lisa Wingate: Unravels the dramatic story of three young women searching for family amid the destruction of the post–Civil War South, and of a modern-day teacher who learns of their story and its vital connection to her students’ lives. Author Lisa Wingate brings to life startling stories from actual “Lost Friends” advertisements that appeared in Southern newspapers after the Civil War, as newly freed slaves desperately searched for loved ones who had been sold away.

Secrets of the Chocolate House by Paula Brackston: After her adventures in the seventeenth century, Xanthe does her best to settle back into the rhythm of life in Marlborough. Then Xanthe hears the song of a copper chocolate pot. Soon after, she has an upsetting vision of Samuel in great danger, compelling her to make another journey to the past. This time she’ll meet her most dangerous adversary. This time her ability to travel to the past will be tested. This time she will discover her true destiny.

The Better Liar by Tanen Jones: Robin Voigt is dead. But when their father passed away, Leslie received a rude awakening: she and Robin would receive the inheritance he left them together–or not at all. When she meets a charismatic young woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Robin, the two make a reckless bargain: Mary will impersonate Robin for a week in exchange for Robin’s half of the cash. But neither realizes how high the stakes will be when Mary takes a dead woman’s name.

A Reasonable Doubt by Phillip Margolin: A magician linked to three murders and suspicious deaths years ago disappears in the middle of his new act in Phillip Margolin’s latest thriller featuring Robin Lockwood. As a young criminal defense attorney, a former MMA fighter, and Yale law graduate, she must unravel the tangled skein of murder and bloody mischief to learn how it all ties together.

The Last Odyssey by James Rollins: For eons, the city of Troy–whose legendary fall was detailed in Homer’s Iliad–was believed to be myth, until archaeologists in the nineteenth century uncovered its ancient walls buried beneath the sands a map and to the a hidden realm of Tartarus. When word of Tartarus spreads–and of the cache of miraculous weapons said to be hidden there–tensions explode in this volatile region where Turks battle Kurds, terrorists wage war, and civilians suffer untold horrors.

Cleaning the Gold by Karin Slaughter and Lee Child: Will Trent is undercover at Fort Knox to investigate a twenty-two-year-old murder. His suspect’s name: Jack Reacher. Jack Reacher is in Fort Knox on his own mission: to bring down a dangerous criminal ring operating at the heart of America’s military. But there’s a bigger conspiracy at play–one that neither the special agent nor the ex-military cop could have anticipated. And the only option is for Jack Reacher and Will Trent to team up and play nicely. If the can.

The Jetsetters by Amanda Ward: When seventy-year-old Charlotte Perkins wins a cruise vacation, she dreams of reuniting her estranged children: Lee, an almost-famous actress; Cord, a handsome and wifeless venture capitalist; and Regan, a harried mother who took it wrong when Charlotte bought her a Weight Watchers gift certificate for her birthday. As lovers new and old join the adventure, long-buried secrets are revealed, and the Perkins family is forced to confront the defining choices in their lives.

One Minute Out by Mark Greaney: I was on a simple mission in Bosnia. A bad guy needed to be put down; in and out, no problem. But then I stumbled across a nightmare–a room full of women and children who were being trafficked to rich scum. Since then, I’ve been tracking their smuggling ring around the globe, and I’m finally near the top. Now I’ve got to make a decision: duty or honor. They all think they have me boxed in, but there’s one thing they’re forgetting: I am the Gray Man

You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks: Shay Miller is intrigued by a group of women who seem to have it all together, and they invite her with the promise: ‘You are not alone.’ Why not align herself with the glamorous and seductive Moore sisters, Cassandra and Jane? They are everything Shay aspires to be, and they seem to have the keys to getting exactly what they want. But what price does she have to pay? What do Cassandra and Jane want from her? You are not alone: Is it a promise? Or a threat?

The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley: Everybody lies about their lives. What would happen if you shared the truth?’ This is the question that Julian Jessop, an eccentric, seventy-nine-year-old artist, poses within a pale green exercise book that he labels The Authenticity Project, before leaving it behind in Monica’s Cafe. When Monica discovers Julian’s abandoned notebook, not only does she add her own story to the book, she is determined to find a way to help Julian feel less lonely. And so it goes with the others who find the green notebook that will soon contain their deepest selves.

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New Fiction Titles

The Jerusalem Assassin by Joel Rosenberg: American President Andrew Clarke decides the moment has come to unveil his comprehensive proposal to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians. However, when a series of senior American officials involved in the peace process are assassinated, Clarke orders Marcus Ryker and a team of CIA operatives to hunt down those responsible and bring the killing spree to an end.

In an Instant by Suzanne Redfearn: Life is over in an instant for sixteen-year-old Finn Miller when a devastating car accident tumbles her and ten others over the side of a mountain. Suspended between worlds, she watches helplessly as those she loves struggle to survive. Finn needs to move on, but how can she with her family still in pieces?

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell: 2000. Fifteen-year-old Vanessa Wye becomes entangled in an affair with Jacob Strane, her English teacher. 2017. Strane has been accused of sexual abuse by a former student, who reaches out to Vanessa, and now Vanessa suddenly finds herself facing an impossible choice: remain silent, firm in the belief that her teenage self willingly engaged in this relationship, or redefine herself and the events of her past.

The Lantern Men by Elly Griffiths: Everything has changed for Ruth Galloway. She has a new job, home, and partner, and she is no longer North Norfolk police’s resident forensic archaeologist. That is, until convicted murderer Ivor March offers to make DCI Nelson a deal. Nelson was always sure that March killed more women than he was charged with. Now March confirms this and offers to show Nelson where the other bodies are buried—but only if Ruth will do the digging.

A Forgotten Murder by Jude Deveraux: Decades earlier, two people ran off together from Oxley and haven’t been heard from since—and Sara wants to solve the case. As the people who were there the night the two went missing, the guests find themselves cast in a live mystery-theater event. In reenacting the events of that night, it becomes clear that everyone has something to hide and no one is safe, especially when the discovery of a body makes it clear that at least one of the people who disappeared was murdered.

Into the Fire by Gregg Hhurwitz: Evan Smoak lives by his own code. Once he was known as Orphan X. But he broke free and reinvented himself as The Nowhere Man, a figure shrouded in mystery, known for helping the truly desperate. If anyone is truly desperate, it’s Max Merriweather, and what seems like a simple job for The Nowhere Man turns out to be anything but. Behind every threat he takes out, a deadlier one emerges and Evan Smoak must put himself in greater danger than ever before.

Coconut Layer Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke:  Bakery owner Hannah Swensen is leaving Lake Eden to help a friend in sunny California. But an unexpected phone call swiftly brings her back to a cold Minnesota winter . . . and murder.

Things in Jars by Jess Kidd: Bridie Devine–female detective extraordinaire–is confronted with the most baffling puzzle yet: the kidnapping of Christabel Berwick, secret daughter of Sir Edmund Athelstan Berwick, and a peculiar child whose reputed supernatural powers have captured the unwanted attention of collectors trading curiosities in this age of discovery. Winding her way through the labyrinthine, sooty streets of Victorian London, Bridie won’t rest until she finds the young girl, even if it means unearthing a past that she’d rather keep buried.

Writers & Lovers by Lily King: Blindsided by her mother’s sudden death, and wrecked by a recent love affair, Casey Peabody has arrived in Massachusetts in the summer of 1997 without a plan. At thirty-one, Casey is still clutching onto something nearly all her old friends have let go of: the determination to live a creative life. When she falls for two very different men at the same time, her world fractures even more. Casey’s fight to fulfill her creative ambitions and balance the conflicting demands of art and life is challenged in ways that push her to the brink.

Journey of the Pharaohs by Clive Cussler: Kurt Austin and the NUMA crew race to identify a link between an ancient Egyptian treasure, a 1927 daredevil aviator’s disappearance and the sinking of a modern fishing trawler to prevent a scheme by a cutthroat arms dealer.

New Fiction Titles

Salt River by Randy White: When avowed bachelor Tomlinson reveals he’d unwittingly fathered multiple children via for-profit sperm bank donations. Thanks to genealogy websites, Tomlinson’s now-grown offspring have tracked him down, seeking answers about their roots, and Doc quickly grows suspicious that one of them might be planning something far more nefarious than a family reunion.

Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler: Micah Mortimer is a creature of habit. But one day his routines are blown apart when his woman friend (he refuses to call anyone in her late thirties a “girlfriend”) tells him she’s facing eviction, and a teenager shows up at Micah’s door claiming to be his son. These surprises, and the ways they throw Micah’s meticulously organized life off-kilter, risk changing him forever.

Crooked River by Douglas Preston: Appearing out of nowhere to horrify the quiet resort town of Sanibel Island, Florida, dozens of identical, ordinary-looking shoes float in on the tide and are washed up on the tropical beach–each one with a crudely severed human foot inside. Called away from vacation elsewhere in the state, Agent Pendergast reluctantly agrees to visit the crime scene–and, despite himself, is quickly drawn in by the incomprehensible puzzle.

Chosen Ones by Veronica Roth: Fifteen years ago, five ordinary teenagers were singled out by a prophecy to take down an impossibly powerful entity wreaking havoc across North America. On the tenth anniversary of the Dark One’s defeat, something unthinkable happens: one of the Chosen Ones dies. When the others gather for the funeral, they discover the Dark One’s ultimate goal was much bigger than they, the government, or even prophecy could have foretold—bigger than the world itself.

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle: A striking, powerful, and moving love story following an ambitious lawyer who experiences an astonishing vision that could change her life forever.

Postscript by Cecelia Ahern: Seven years after her husband’s death – six since she read his final letter – Holly Kennedy has moved on with her life. When she reads the letter on a podcast, strangers begin reaching out to Holly, and they all have one thing in common: they’re living with life-altering conditions and want to leave their own missives behind for loved ones. Suddenly, Holly finds herself drawn back into a world she’s worked to move on from – but one that leads her on remarkable journey.

Greenwood by Michael Christie: Christie has crafted multigenerational story of the forest dwelling Greenwood family, spanning from 1934 to 2034. Throughout there are trees: thrumming a steady, silent pulse beneath Christie’s effortless sentences and working as a guiding metaphor for withering, weathering, and survival. Greenwood is a rain-soaked and sun-dappled story of the bonds and breaking points of money and love, wood and blood–and the hopeful, impossible task of growing toward the light

Masked Prey by John Sandford: Ona blog are pictures of the children of influential Washington politicians, walking or standing outside their schools, each identified by name. Surrounding the photos are texts of vicious political rants from a motley variety of radical groups. It’s obviously alarming–is there an unstable extremist tracking the loved ones of powerful politicians with deadly intent? With nowhere else to turn, influential Senators decide to call in someone who can operate outside the FBI’s constraints: Lucas Davenport.  

Blindside by James Patterson: The mayor of New York has a daughter who’s missing and in danger. Detective Michael Bennett has a son who’s in prison. The two strike a deal. The detective leaps into the case and sources lead him to a homicide in the Bronx. The victim has ties to a sophisticated hacking operation — and also to the mayor’s missing daughter, Natalie, a twenty-one-year-old computer prodigy.

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New YA Fiction

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare: Cordelia Carstairs, a Shadowhunter trained to battle demons, travels with her brother to London where they reconnect with childhood friends but soon must face devastating demon attacks in the quarantined city.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson: Pretty and popular high school senior Andie Bell was murdered by her boyfriend, Sal Singh, who then killed himself. Now a senior herself, Pip decides to reexamine the closed case for her final project. Soon she discovers a trail of dark secrets that might actually prove Sal innocent. Someone in Fairview doesn’t want Pip digging around for answers, and now her own life might be in danger.

The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu: Desperate to be forever remembered for her music, Nannerl Mozart makes a dangerous pact with a mysterious stranger from a magical land, which may cost her everything.  

All the Stars and Teeth by Adalyn Grace: Set in a kingdom where danger lurks beneath the sea, mermaids seek vengeance with song, and magic is a choice, Adalyn Grace’s All the Stars and Teeth is a thrilling fantasy for fans of Stephanie Garber’s Caraval and Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series.

The Midnight Lie by Marie Rutkoski: Nirrim endures a grim and punishing life as a Half Caste until she encounters Sid, a rakish traveler from far away who whispers rumors that the High Caste possess magic and tempts Nirrim to seek that magic for herself.

Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen McManus: While true-crime aficionado Ellery and her twin brother are staying with their grandmother in a Vermont community known for murder, a new friend goes missing and Ellery may be next.

One of Us Is Next by Karen McManus: A year after the Bayview four were cleared of Simon Kelleher’s death, a new mystery has cropped up–a game with dangerous consequences that’s targeting students at Bayview again. And if the creator isn’t found soon, dangerous could prove deadly.

A Heart So Fierce and Broken: The curse is finally broken, but Prince Rhen of Emberfall faces darker troubles still. Rumors circulate that he is not the true heir and that forbidden magic has been unleashed in Emberfall. Loyalties are tested and new love blooms in a kingdom on the brink of war.

They Went Left by Monica Hesse: Zofia, a teenage Holocaust survivor, travels across post-war Europe as she searches for her younger brother and seeks to rebuild her shattered life.

Ruthless Gods by Emily Duncan: The voices that Serefin hears in the darkness, the ones that Nadya believes are her gods, the ones that Malachiasz is desperate to meet–those voices want a stake in the world, and they refuse to stay quiet any longer.

Straight on Till Morning by Liz Braswell: What if Wendy first traveled to Never Land… with Captain Hook? When an opportunity to travel to Never Land via pirate ship presents itself, Wendy makes a deal with the devil. But Never Land isn’t quite the place she imagined it would be. When Captain Hook reveals some rather permanent and evil plans for Never Land, it’s up to the two of them to save Peter Pan–and his world.

New DVDs

Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep: Still scarred by the trauma he endured as a child at the Overlook Hotel, Dan Torrance faces the ghosts of the past when he meets Abra, a courageous teen who desperately needs his help – and who possesses a powerful extrasensory ability called the “shine.”

Jumanji: the Next Level: In Jumanji: The Next Level, the gang is back but the game has changed. As they return to Jumanji to rescue one of their own, they discover that nothing is as they expect. With more action and surprises, the players will have to brave parts unknown and unexplored, from the arid deserts to the snowy mountains, in order to escape.

Richard Jewell: Directed by Clint Eastwood and based on true events, Richard Jewell tells the story of the security guard who discovers a bomb at the 1996 Atlanta Games and takes swift, heroic action, saving countless lives. But in a turn of events, he becomes the FBI’s number one suspect, vilified by the press and public alike.  

The Good Liar: Career con man Roy sets his sights on his latest mark, recently widowed Betty, who’s worth millions. And he means to take it all. But as the two grow closer, what should have been another simple swindle becomes a game of cat and mouse in this suspenseful drama about the secrets people keep and the lies they live.  

Dark Waters: Inspired by a shocking true story, a tenacious attorney uncovers a dark secret that connects a growing number of unexplained deaths to one of the world’s largest corporations. In the process, he risks everything – his future, and his own life – to expose the truth.

Frozen II: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven venture into the enchanted forest and dark seas beyond Arendelle – where Elsa discovers not only the truth about her past, but a threat to her kingdom.

Pain and Glory: Pain and Glory tells of a series of re-encounters experienced by Salvador Mallo, a film director in his physical decline.

The Handmaid’s Tale Season Three: June will struggle to strike back against the regime despite overwhelming odds. This season there are startling reunions, betrayals, and a journey to the terrifying heart of Gilead that will force all of the characters to take a stand, guided by one defiant prayer.

Cats: With a world-class cast of dancers, showcasing styles from classical ballet to contemporary, hip-hop to jazz, street dance to tap, this film reimagines the stage musical for a new generation.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in this a timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod. After a jaded magazine writer is assigned a profile of Fred Rogers, he overcomes his skepticism, learning about kindness, love, and forgiveness from America’s most beloved neighbor.

Harriet: Based on the thrilling and inspirational life of an iconic American freedom fighter, Harriet tells the extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman’s escape from slavery and transformation into one of America’s greatest heroes. Witness the story of a woman who defied impossible odds to change the course of her life and the fate of the nation.

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New Fiction Titles

The Boy from the Woods by Harlan Coben: Found as a boy living feral in the woods, Wilde is a mystery to everyone, including himself. When a local girl goes missing, famous TV lawyer Hester Crimstein–with whom Wilde shares a tragic connection–asks him to use his unique skills to help find her. Meanwhile, a group of ex-military security experts arrive in town, and when another teen disappears, the case’s impact expands far beyond the borders of the peaceful suburb.

Above the Bay of Angels by Rhys Bowen: Through a series of strange events, Bella Waverly arrives as Helen Barton from Yorkshire, to work in the kitchen of Buckingham Palace where she pursues her passion for creating culinary delights is chosen to accompany the queen to Nice. When the threat of blackmail shadows Bella to the Riviera, and a member of the queen’s retinue falls ill and dies, her new life just might come crashing down–if it doesn’t send her to the gallows.

Hidden Salem by Kay Hooper: As a longtime member of the FBI’s Special Crimes Unit, Grayson Sheridan has learned not to be surprised by the unusual and the macabre–but Salem is different. When Gray arrives to find his undercover partner vanished, he knows that whatever’s hiding in the seemingly peaceful town is deadly. But what actually hides in the shadows and secrets of Salem is unlike anything the agents have ever encountered.

Devoted by Dean Koontz: Woody Bookman hasn’t spoken a word in his eleven years of life. For Megan, keeping her boy safe and happy is what matters. But Woody believes a monstrous evil was behind his father’s death and now threatens him and his mother. And an ally unknown to him is listening. A uniquely gifted dog with a heart of gold, Kipp hears the boy who communicates like he does, without speaking, and knows he needs to find him before its too late.

Deacon King Kong by James McBride: From James McBride comes a wise and witty novel about what happens to the witnesses of a shooting. As the story deepens, it becomes clear that the lives of the characters–caught in the tumultuous swirl of 1960s New York–overlap in unexpected ways. When the truth does emerge, McBride shows us that not all secrets are meant to be hidden, that the best way to grow is to face change without fear, and that the seeds of love lie in hope and compassion.

Trace Elements by Donna Leon: When a dying hospice patient wants to speak to the police, Commissario Guido Brunetti and his colleague, Claudia Griffoni, waste no time in responding. “They killed him. It was bad money. I told him no.” Piecing together the tangled threads, in time Brunetti comes to realize the perilous meaning in the woman’s accusation and the threat it reveals to the health of the entire region.

The Number Game by Danielle Steel: Eileen Jackson was happy to set aside her own dreams to raise a family with her husband, Paul. When Eileen discovers that Paul’s late nights in the city are hiding an affair with a younger woman, she questions the years of sacrifice and compromise. On the brink of forty and wondering what she’s going to do with the rest of her life, is it too late for her to start over?

Hit List by Stuart Woods: When Stone Barrington finds his name on a hit list, he plans to lie low until the culprit is caught. But when this foe shows no signs of stopping until his deadly objective is realized in full, Stone is left with no choice but to face the problem head-on.

The K Team by David Rosenfelt: Andy Carpenter’s wife, Laurie, was a cop, a good one. Now she helps out on Andy’s cases while also raising Ricky, their son. But she’s been chafing to jump back into investigating on her own, and when her former partner and his German shepherd K-9 partner come to her with a proposal, she’s in.

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New Nonfiction Titles

American Sherlock by Kate Dawson: From the acclaimed author of Death in the Air comes the riveting story of the birth of criminal investigation in the twentieth century.

The Hope of Glory by Jon Meachum: Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jon Meacham explores the seven last sayings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels, combining rich historical and theological insights to reflect on the true heart of the Christian story. Jon Meacham returns us to the moment that transformed Jesus from a historical figure into the proclaimed Son of God, worshiped by billions.

John Adams Under Fire by Don Abrams: On the night of March 5, 1770, shots were fired by British soldiers on the streets of Boston, killing five civilians. The Boston Massacre has been called the first shots of the American Revolution. Yet when the British soldiers faced trial, John Adams was determined that they receive a fair one. He volunteered to represent them, keeping the peace in a powder keg of a colony, and in the process created some of the foundations of what would become United States law.

Girl, Stop Apologizing! By Rachel Hollis: Rachel Hollis is sounding a wake-up call. With a challenge to women everywhere to stop talking themselves out of their dreams, Hollis identifies the excuses to let go of, the behaviors to adopt, and the skills to acquire on the path to growth, confidence, and believing in yourself.

Brain Wash by David Perlmutter: Based on the latest science, the book identifies the mental hijacking that undermines each and every one of us, and presents the tools necessary to think more clearly, make better decisions, strengthen bonds with others, and develop healthier habits. Featuring a 10-day boot camp program, including a meal plan and 40 delicious original recipes.

The Age of Entitlement by Christopher Caldwell: A sweeping 50-year history of how the Baby Boomers took the reforms of the 1960s too far, leading to a multitude of contradictions in American society and values that caused our current political polarization.

Pearls of Wisdom by Barbara Bush: The best advice First Lady Barbara Bush offered her family, staff, and close friends.

A Woman of No Importance by Sonia Purnell: The never-before-told story of one woman’s heroism that changed the course of the Second World War In 1942, the Gestapo sent out an urgent transmission: “She is the most dangerous of all Allied spies. We must find and destroy her.” This spy was Virginia Hall, a young American woman who talked her way into the spy organization dubbed Churchill’s “ministry of ungentlemanly warfare.” Told with Purnell’s signature insight and novelistic panache, A Woman of No Importance is the breathtaking story of how one woman’s fierce persistence helped win the war

The Game of Forgiveness by Katherine Schwarzenegger:Written with grace and understanding and based on more than twenty in-depth interviews and stories as well as personal reflections from Schwarzenegger Pratt herself, The Gift of Forgiveness is about one of the most difficult challenges in life: learning to forgive.

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New Fiction Titles

A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende: In the late 1930s, civil war gripped Spain. When General Franco and his Fascists succeed in overthrowing the government, hundreds of thousands are forced to flee in a treacherous journey over the mountains to the French border. Among them is Roser, a pregnant young widow, who finds her life irreversibly intertwined with that of Victor Dalmau, an army doctor and the brother of her deceased love.

Long Range by C.J. Box: When Joe Pickett is asked to join the rescue efforts for the victim of a startling grizzly attack, he reluctantly leaves his district behind. One survivor of the grizzly’s rampage tells a bizarre story, but just as Joe begins to suspect the attack is not what it seems, he is brought home by an emergency on his own turf.

When You See Me by Lisa Gardner: FBI Special Agent Kimberly Quincy and Sergeant Detective Warren have built a task force to follow the digital bread crumbs left behind by deceased serial kidnapper Jacob Ness. When a disturbing piece of evidence is discovered in the hills of Georgia, they bring Flora Dane and true-crime savant Keith Edgar to a small town where something seems to be deeply wrong.

The Last Passenger by Charles Finch: London, 1855: A young and eager Charles Lenox faces his toughest case yet: a murder without a single clue. Pursuing the investigation against the wishes of Scotland Yard, the detective encounters every obstacle London in 1855 has to offer, from obstinate royalty to class prejudice to the intense grief of his closest friend.

The Other Mrs. by Mary Kupica: Sadie and Will Foust have only just moved their family from bustling Chicago to small-town Maine when their neighbor Morgan Baines is found dead in her home. As the eyes of suspicion turn toward the new family in town, Sadie is drawn into the mystery of what really happened that dark and deadly night. But Sadie must be careful, for the more she discovers about Mrs. Baines, the more she begins to realize just how much she has to lose if the truth ever comes to light.

Long Bright River by Liz Moore: A suspense novel that looks at the anatomy of a family rocked by the opioid crisis and the relationship between sisters–one, suffering from addiction, who has suddenly gone missing amid a series of murders; the other a police officer who patrols the neighborhood from which she disappeared. This a story about the formidable ties between place, family, and fate

Texas Outlaw by James Patterson: Texas Ranger Rory Yates is not keen for hero status. But it’s unavoidable once his girlfriend, country singer Willow Dawes, writes a song about his bravery. Rio Lobo Detective Ariana Delgado is the one who requested Rory, and the only person who believes a local councilwoman’s seemingly accidental death is a murder. Then Rory begins to uncover a tangle of small-town secrets, favors, and lies as crooked as Texas law is straight.

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver: Lydia and Freddie. Freddie and Lydia. They’d been together for more than a decade, and Lydia thought their love was indestructible. But she was wrong. On her twenty-eighth birthday, Freddie died in a car accident. But Lydia knows that Freddie would want her to try to live fully, happily, even without him. So, enlisting the help of his best friend, Jonas, and her sister, Elle, she takes her first tentative steps into the world, open to life–and perhaps even love–again.

After Sundown by Linda Howard:If anyone can pierce Sela Gordon’s shy, protective shell, it’s the handsome and mysterious ex-military man living alone in the wilds of Cove Mountain. For two years, he’s kept his distance—until the day he appears to warn her that a catastrophic solar storm capable of taking down the power grid is coming. As panic spreads, Sela and Ben discover that in the dark, cut off from the outside world, there’s no more playing it safe—in life or in love.

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New DVDs

Bombshell: Academy Award winners Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman and nominees Margot Robbie and John Lithgow deliver tour-de-force performances in this provocative real story of three whip-smart, ambitious, strong women who anchored one of America’s most powerful news networks – and risked everything to stand up to the man who made them famous.

Jojo Rabbit: This World War II satire follows a lonely German boy whose world view is turned upside down when he discovers his single mother is hiding a young Jewish girl in their attic. In spite of his imaginary friend, Adolf Hitler, Jojo confronts his blind nationalism.

1917: At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers, Schofield and Blake, are given a seemingly impossible mission. In a race against time, they must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldiers – Blake’s own brother among them.  

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Visit 1969 Los Angeles, where everything is changing. TV star Rick Dalton and his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth make their way around an industry they hardly recognize anymore. This ninth film by writer-director Quentin Terantino features a large ensemble cast and multiple storylines in a tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age.

Knives Out: The circumstances surrounding the death of crime novelist Harlan Thrombey are mysterious, but there’s only one thing that renowned Detective Benoit Blanc knows for sure – everyone in the wildly dysfunctional Thrombey family is a suspect. Now, Blanc must sift through the web of lies and red herrings to uncover the truth.

Little Women: Writer-director Greta Gerwig has crafted a Little Women that draws on both the classic novel and the writings of Louisa May Alcott, and unfolds as the author’s alter ego, Jo March, reflects back and forth on her fictional life. In Gerwig’s take, the beloved story of the March sisters – four young women each determined to live life on their own terms – is both timeless and timely.

Midway: Midway centers on the Battle of Midway, a clash between the American fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy which marked a pivotal turning point in the Pacific Theater during WWII. The film, based on the real-life events of this historic feat, tells the story of the leaders and soldiers who used their instincts, fortitude, and bravery to overcome the odds.

Dolittle: Robert Downey Jr. electrifies as the man who could talk to animals: Dolittle. After losing his wife, he hermits himself away behind the high wall of his manor, but is forced to set sail on an epic adventure when the queen falls gravely ill.

I See You: When a twelve-year-old boy goes missing, lead investigator Greg Harper struggles to balance pressure of the investigation and troubles with his wife, Jackie. Facing a recent affair, great strain is put on the family and slowly gnaws away at Jackie’s grip on reality. The cold hard truth about evil in the Harper household is finally uncovered after a malicious presence manifests itself in their home and puts their son, Connor, in mortal danger.

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