New Adult Fiction

  • Oath of Office by Paula McLain: After Dr. John Meacham goes on a shooting spree at his office most of the blame falls to Dr. Lou Welcome, who counseled Meacham years before when his medical license was revoked but when Welcome begins to investigate the incident he finds evidence that leads directly to the White House.
  • Private Games by James Patterson: Private, the world’s most renowned investigation firm, has been commissioned to provide security for the 2012 Olympic games in London, but when a high-ranking member of the games’ organizing committee and his mistress are killed just hours before the opening ceremony, the killer must be identified before others meet the same fate.
  • Poison Flower by Thomas Perry: Jane Whitefield orchestrates an escape for James Shelby, a man unjustly convicted of his wife’s murder, but Jane is kidnapped by the real killer’s henchmen and she endures their sadistic torture to keep James safe.
  • Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult: When his father and sister are injured in an accident that has rendered his father comatose, estranged son Edward decides to stop his father’s life support so that his organs can be donated, a choice his sister urges him to reconsider
  • The Wolf Gift by Ann Rice: A young reporter on assignment is attacked and bitten by an unknown beast in rural Northern California and begins a terrifying but seductive transformation into a being with a dual nature, both man and wolf.
  • Before the Poison by Peter Robinson: After his wife’s death, Chris Lowndes, a composer, returns to Yorkshire where they grew up and buys a charming old mansion, but he soon learns that the former owner was supposedly poisoned by his wife in the 1950s and was hanged and the more he discovers about that past the more he believes that the wife was innocent.
  • Celebrity in Death by J.D. Robb: When one of Eve’s famous cases is made into a film, a talented but rude actress from the film finds herself at the center of a crime scene.
  • Becker’s Farm by William Timmons: Sommerfield, a German prisoner of war during WWII, is interned at a small POW camp in Nebraska and his dreams seem as dead as his family in his native land . . . until the day he is “killed” in a barn fire and returns as Adam Becker, a reclusive dairy farmer in rural Nebraska. But his new life and love, Laurelie Schmidt, are about to be dashed by an escaping POW who knows his true identity.
  • The Blackdagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward (8 books): Focuses on six vampire brothers and warriors who live together and defend their race against Lessers, soulless humans who threaten their kind.
  • Chasing Midnight by Randy Wayne White: During a reception by a notorious Russian black marketer, retired CIA operative Doc Ford and his friend, Tomlinson, get an underwater look at the billionaire’s yacht, but when the boat arrives at its destination, they discover the island is overrun by environmental extremists, who have threatened to kill one hostage every hour until midnight–at which point they will kill everybody.

New Fiction on CD

  • One Summer by David Baldacci: Jack, terminally ill, is helpless when his wife Lizzie is killed in a car accident and his three children separated, sent to live with family members across the country, but a miraculous turn of events puts Jack on the road to recovery and he sets out to put his family back together over the course of a summer spent at Lizzie’s childhood home in South Carolina.
  • Downfall by Terri Blackstock: Emily Covington has been clean of drugs for almost a year but everyone still has a hard time trusting her. When one woman is murdered, Emily discovers the plot for a double murder. She has a hard time convincing the authorities, and everything turns back on her.
  • Sixteen in Nome by Max Brand: Joe May finds himself traveling across hundreds of miles of frozen country when he becomes the unwilling bait in a mad man’s quest for revenge.
  • Heat Wave by Richard Castle: New York Police Department Homicide Detective Nikki Heat encounters an unanticipated challenge when the commissioner asks her to take magazine journalist Jameson Rook with her on patrol; she finds that the handsome, wisecracking journalist is the least of her problems as she attempts to unravel a case involving a murdered real estate tycoon.
  • Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Mary Higgins Clark: When a minor accident brings prosecutor Kerry McGrath to the plastic surgeon’s office, she sees a woman with the face of Suzanne Reardon, the “Sweetheart Murder” victim who was killed more than ten years ago. Kerry immerses herself into a fresh investigation to solve the mystery, but each new piece of evidence she unearths reveals a disturbing cache of questions.
  • Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evanovich: Kate Appleton plans to turn her parents’ summer house, The Nutshell, in Keene’s Harbor, Michigan, into a bed and breakfast, but she needs cash and a job, and Matt Culhane needs to find out who is sabotaging his company; together they will smoke out a saboteur, save Kate’s family home, stop a killer, and get to know each other a lot better.
  • The Old Man and the Sea by Earnest Hemingway: An old fisherman battles the sea and sharks to bring home the giant marlin he caught.
  • Dead Sleep by Greg Iles: Photojournalist Jordan Glass joins the FBI in a desperate investigation after she wanders into a Hong Kong art exhibit of a notorious series of paintings that are rumored to depict dead women and sees her twin sister, missing for over a year, is the subject of one of the portraits.
  • Sail by James Patterson: Widow Anne Dunne takes her three children–one who is suicidal, one who is a drug user, and one who is withdrawn–on a sailing trip hoping they can reconnect as a family, but dangerous weather and an individual who wants them dead threaten to ruin her plans.
  • Hidden Riches by Nora Roberts: After Dora Conroy, a Philadelphia antiques dealer buys a selection of auction items, her genteel antiques shop becomes the focus of an international smuggler whose passion for beautiful objects knows no bounds.
  • Restless in the Grave by Dana Stabenow: After Alaskan aviation entrepreneur Finn Grant is murdered Kate Shugak, private investigator, goes uncover to help Alaskan state trooper Laim Campbell find his killer.

New Adult Fiction

  • Cinnamon Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke: Hannah Swensen has her hands full preparing a generous supply of cinnamon rolls for the weekend Jazz Festival concert by the Cinnamon Roll Six jazz band, but before the festival can begin the band’s tour bus overturns, keyboard player Buddy Neiman is murdered, and soon Hannah finds herself uncovering a quantity of suspicious facts and a few local suspects.
  • Robert Ludlum’s The Janson Command by Paul Garrison: Paul Janson is working to find redemption and reform from his days of covert operations, so now not only does he help rehabilitate disenchanted agents and helps them find new lives, he also takes on missions for the greater good.
  • Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green: Andi finally finds the man of her dreams and marries into a ready-made family with his two daughters, but when Ethan’s daughter insists on fighting against her all of their happiness is in danger.
  • Monday Mornings by Sanjay Gupta: Five surgeons, attending the Morbidity and Mortality Conference, confront their professional failures and the consequences of pushing their abilities.
  • Nantucket Nights by Elin Hilderbrand: For the last twenty-two years, Kayla, Antoinette, and Val have put aside their daily, separate lives to have a special weekend in Nantucket, where they meet to swap stories and talk about old times, but when one of them doesn’t return from their latest trip, the surviving friends must find a way to overcome their grief and come to terms with the many secrets that have come out since their friend’s death.
  • Never Look Back by Ann Hope: After breaking away from an adulterous and abusive husband and returning to her hometown, Cammi finds love again with Bryce and his daughter Allie. Years down the road, Allie’s mother returns in hopes of reconnecting with the daughter she abandoned as an infant, and Cammi and Bryce find themselves unprepared to deal with the resulting chaos and reopened wounds.
  • The Snow Child by Ivey Eowyn: Homesteaders Jack and Mabel struggle to survive in the harsh Alaskan wilderness, but the couple’s quiet life of hard work and routine suddenly changes when a small girl named Faina magically appears on their doorstep.
  • Victims by Jonathan Kellerman: Unraveling the madness behind L.A.’s most baffling and brutal homicides is what sleuthing psychologist Alex Delaware does best. When gruesome crime scenes that rical those of Jack the Ripper, even Alex is stymied.
  • I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella: After she loses her engagement ring and her phone is stolen during a hotel fire drill, Poppy Wyatt, discovering an abandoned phone in a trash can, crashes into the life of the phone’s owner, businessman Sam Roxton, when she uses his phone to make her wedding preparations.
  • Trail of the Sepllmans by Lisa Lutz: Follows the hilarious adventures of private investigator Izzy Spellman and the Spellman family who together run Spellman Investigations.

Bookworm – New Adult Fiction


  • Cat’s Claw by Susan Wittig Albert:

Police Chief Sheila Dawson discovers that Larry Kirk’s death is not suicide but murder, possibly connected to a burglary, but further investigation reveals that Kirk recently asked her friend China Bayles for legal advice in regards to a stalker, and it is up to Sheila to prove she has got what it takes to hunt down the killer that is loose on the streets of Pecan Springs.

  • The Gilly Salt Sisters by Tiffany Baker: Polar opposite sisters Jo and Claire Gilly grow up on a salt farm in the Cape Cod town of Prospect and face secrets and old loves when Claire returns as an adult.
  • Days of Magic, Nights of War by Clive Barker: Candy Quackenbush’s adventures in the Abarat continue as she makes a startling realization as to who she is, and the forces of Night begin plans for war.
  • The Shadow Patrol by Alex Berenson: John Wells goes undercover in Afghanistan to investigate not only the Taliban, but also his fellow Americans, as he seeks the source of the hostility, mistrust, and drug trafficking involving people within the CIA, the military, and the Taliban.
  • Downfall by Terri Blackstock: Emily Covington has been clean of drugs for almost a year but everyone still has a hard time trusting her. When one woman is murdered, Emily discovers the plot for a double murder. She has a hard time convincing the authorities, and everything turns back on her.
  • Sonoma Rose by Jennifer Chiaverini: Rosa Diaz Barclay, mourning the loss of four of her eight children, lives on a rye farm in California with her abusive husband when she finally leaves him in order to save two of her remaining children from succumbing to a mysterious wasting disease and when she reunites with her ex-husband, the father of her two healthy children, they try to start a winery in the midst of prohibition.
  • Agony of the Leaves by Laura Childs: Theodesia discovers the body of her ex-boyfriend while catering an event at the Charleston Aquarium and begins an investigation despite the belief of emergency responders that his death was an accident
  • A Catered St. Patrick’s Day by Isis Crawford: When Mike Sweeney is found floating in a vat of green beer and the nephew of one of their best customers is accused of the crime, Bernie and Libby Simmons, the owners of A Little Taste of Heaven, must find the real killer.
  • The Thief by Clive Cussler: Two European scientists with a new invention are barely rescued from abduction by the Van Dorn Detective Agency’s chief investigator, Isaac Bell, but the thugs attack again-and this time one of the scientists dies. A ruthless espionage agent has spotted an opportunity to give the Germans an edge, before that can happen Isaac Bell must figure out who he is, and stop him unless it is already too late.
  • The Lost Witness by Robert Ellis: Los Angeles detective Lena Gamble, held in disgrace by her superiors for her handling of a previous case, has not been assigned a murder investigation in eight months, and she realizes she is in for another trial when her chief sends her to solve the mystery surrounding an unidentified victim found in a dumpster, chopped into pieces.


New DVDs:

  • Killer Elite: Based on a True Story: Follows Danny Bryce, a former British special ops tough guy forced to come out of retirement when his mentor is kidnapped by a ruthless criminal. Enraged, Danny has to dodge three top assassins.      
  • Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi: Popular fitness instructor Scott Cole offers two complete tai chi workouts in this program. The first workout is designed to raise energy and increase awareness in the morning hours, and the second to release stress and tension at day’s end. Cole’s cross-disciplinary blend of tai chi movements, chi kung exercises, guided meditation and light stretching offers potent benefits that promote a healthy, balanced body and a serene mind.
  • Drive: A Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver is lured from his isolated life by a lovely neighbor and her young son. His newfound peace is shattered, however, when her violent husband is released from prison.
  • Get Him to the Greek: Ambitious young record company intern Aaron Green will let nothing get in the way of his planned rise to the top in the music business — not even the unruly rock star he must escort to Los Angeles for the start of his anniversary concert. Doing whatever it takes to get the rocker from Point A to Point B, Aaron encounters all manners of mishaps.  
  • Ides of March: Dirty tricks stand to soil an ambitious young press spokesman’s idealism in a cutthroat presidential campaign where “victory” is relative. Inspired by the real-life experiences of an aide who worked on Howard Dean’s failed 2004 run.
  •  Lawrence of Arabia: Dirty tricks stand to soil an ambitious young press spokesman’s idealism in a cutthroat presidential campaign where “victory” is relative. Inspired by the real-life experiences of an aide who worked on Howard Dean’s failed 2004 run.  
  • The Thing: This terrifying prequel to John Carpenter’s 1982 classic of the same name tells the story of a team of Norwegian scientists who find an alien ship frozen in Antarctica. When the organism inside awakens, blood flows across the frozen landscape.
  • Left Behind: When 100 million people vanish from earth, Global News Network reporter Buck Williams follows the mystery as pilot Ray Steele tries to locate his wife and son. As he digs deeper, he finds that the answers may lie in the Bible.
  • Left Behind II: Tribulation Force: In a world where thousands of people disappeared mysteriously in an event called “The Rapture,” the Christians left behind find themselves threatened by a powerful man they believe to be the Antichrist: U.N. President Nicolae Carpathia. Led by TV reporter Buck Williams, Pastor Bruce Barnes and pilot Rayford Steele, the survivors join forces for the ultimate showdown between good and evil.
  • Left Behind: World at War: In the wake of a global catastrophe that saw millions of people vanish from Earth, a man named Nicolae Carpathia steps forward to provide leadership via his New World Government, supported by U.S. President Fitzhugh. But others — mostly born-again Christians — believe Carpathia is the Antichrist, and dogged Christian journalist Buck Williams persuades Fitzhugh to join the fight.


  • The Real Macaw by Donna Andrews: Meg Langslow finds her living room filled with cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a macaw that her father and zoologist grandfather stole from a shelter that recently repealed its no-kill policy, and when the volunteer who was supposed to transport the animals to their new homes is murdered, questions arise about the killer’s motives.
  • No Mark Upon Her by Deborah Crombie: Scotland Yard detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James, investigate the murder of Rebecca Meredith, Met detective and Olympic contender in rowing.
  • The Last Storyteller by Frank Delaney: Ben MacCarthy wants no part of the fledgling armed rebellion in Ireland in 1956 but ends up with an IRA sympathizer and begins running guns for the cause when he finds that his ex-wife, actress Venetia Kelly, is back in the country with her new husband and Ben uses all of his love and gun running connections to win her back.
  • Pineapple Grenade by Tim Dorsey: Serge Storms, one-man vigilante, is expecting something big to go down in Miami and has decided to spy for himself until his talents are appreciated, but the intelligence community is not amused and they want answers.
  • Bond Girl by Erin Duffy: Alex Garrett, a recent college graduate who began her Wall Street career in 2006, dreams of fast-talking days on the trading floor while living a life tied to a government bond desk and performing other peculiar tasks.
  • The List by Martin Fletcher: In London after World War II, Edith and Georg, Austrian refugees, search for surviving family members as they live in an environment filled with anti-Semitism, terrorism, and assassination attempts.
  • Kill Shot by Vince Flynn: CIA assassin Mitch Rapp finds himself framed by the group of men he has been systematically eliminating for their roles in the Pan Am Lockerbie bombing. Now the primary suspect in the deaths of nine people in Paris, including the Libyan oil minister, Mitch must avoid capture or die trying–if the CIA does not kill him first.
  • Catch Me by Lisa Gardner: Charlene Grant believes she will be murdered in four days and while she intends to flee or fight, wants to make sure that if she dies her murder will be investigated by Detective D.D. Warren, Boston’s top detective.
  • Home Front by Kristin Hannah: Michael and Joleen Zarkades seem to have it all but after twelve years together, the couple has lost their way; they are unhappy and edging toward divorce when the Iraq war starts and unexpected deployment will tear their already fragile family apart, sending one of them deep into harm’s way and leaving the other at home, waiting for news.


New Adult Nonfiction

  • The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer: Presents resolutions for Christian women, identifying important characteristics for success in faith, family, and growth, and provides biblical references and advice on achieving these personal standards.
  • Imperfect Justice: Prosecuting Casey Anthony by Jeff Ashton: Prosecutor Jeff Ashton presents his version of the 2011 Casey Anthony murder trial. Also available in Large Print.
  • Don’t Count On It by John C. Bogle: John C. Bogle, the founder and retired CEO of The Vanguard Group, examines the American financial system, discussing the difference between market expectations and realities, and describing the failures of money managers, the consequences of short-term speculation over long-term investment, and other related topics.
  • Dont’ Look Behind You and Other True Cases by Anne Rule: A collection of four true stories about unsuspecting victims of violent crimes who died at the hands of someone they trusted.
  • Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman: Offers women practical advice on how they can start losing weight, with suggestions to help them improve their daily diet and make educated choices about food and nutrition.
  • God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours by Neil Pasricha: Contains brief essays in which comedy writer Neil Pasricha shares his observations on some of the little things in life that make people happy, such as popping bubble wrap, solving the “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle first, and seeing someone laugh in their sleep.
  • Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness by Alexandra Fuller: The author provides an account of her mother Nicola Fuller’s life, from being raised in Kenya to moving around the continent with her husband in search of a home, and describes her devotion to her family and land.
  • American Sniper by Chris Kyle: U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle recorded the most career sniper kills in United States military history. Iraqi insurgents feared Kyle so much they named him al-Shaitan(“the devil”) and placed a bounty on his head. Gripping and unforgettable, Kyle’s masterful account of his extraordinary battlefield experiences ranks as one of the great war memoirs of all time.
  • The Journal of Best Practices: One Man’s Journey to Beings a Better Husband by David Finch: At some point in nearly every marriage, a wife finds herself asking, What the @#!% is wrong with my husband?! In David Finch’s case, this turns out to be an apt question. Five years after he married Kristen, the love of his life, they learn that he has Asperger syndrome. Determined to change, David sets out to understand Asperger syndrome and learn to be a better husband


Adult Non-Fiction

  • Boomerang Kids by Carl Pickhardt: The author shares his theory about why many eighteen to twenty-three-year-olds are failing to succeed on their own and returning to their parents for money, emotional support, problem-solving advice, and shelter, and offers parents advice on how they can better prepare their children for adulthood.
  • At Willa Cather’s Table: Includes a collection of recipes from Willa Cather’s work, her family and friends, the places that were meaningful to her, and from the Cather foundation and its loyal friends.
  • The Eighty Dollar Champion: Snowman, the horse that inspired a nation by Elizabeth Letts: Chronicles the life and legacy of a horse named Snowman, describing how he was bought off a truck bound for the slaughterhouse by Harry de Leyer, and detailing the horse’s successes along the show-jumping circuit.
  • Prairie Schooner Fall and Winter 2011 Issues: A collection of poetry, short fiction and essays published quarterly by the English Department of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull and the Battle of Little Big Horn by Nathaniel Philbrick: Draws on native testimony, archaeological evidence, and firsthand observations of the battlefield to examine facts and myths about the Battle of Little Bighorn and provide an account of the final days of the battle between George Armstrong Custer’s battalion and the warriors of Sitting Bull’s village.
  • Mail-Order Kid by Marilyn June Coffey: Tells the story of Teresa Martin, who was shipped to cold-hearted “parents” in Kansas during the massive Orphan Train exodus where she encountered a strange Volga German world that included whippings and sexual abuse

Non-Fiction DVDs

  • Milk:  A fact-based drama about Harvey Milk, the openly gay activist and San Francisco politician who was murdered along with Mayor George Moscone by disgruntled city supervisor Dan White in 1978.
  • United 93: Re-creating the harrowing events aboard United Airlines Flight 93 in real time, documentary filmmaker Paul Greengrass presents the unforgettable drama of Sept. 11, 2001, as experienced by those on board and by those watching in horror on the ground.
  • Incident at Oglala: the Leonard Peltier Story: Chronicles the controversial events surrounding the shooting of two FBI agents on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975, resulting in the conviction of Sioux activist Leonard Peltier.
  • The Kennedys: Twentieth-century America’s most storied political family gets the epic treatment in this miniseries that spans three decades of Kennedy history. The chronicle begins with Joseph Kennedy Sr.’s power plays and ends with his son Bobby’s assassination.
  • Lady Gaga: One Sequin at a Time: This documentary-style portrait of pop idol Lady Gaga — better known to her friends and family as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta — leaves no sequin unturned in its search for the truth about her origins, her music and her artistic influence.

New Holiday DVDs

With Christmas quickly approaching, and families gathering for for a bit of Christmas cheer, I thought I’d share a list of new Holiday DVDs the whole family can enjoy.

  • HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS: Embittered, green-haired hermit the Grinch lives in the mountains above the village of Whoville. The Whos love Christmas, and the Grinch hates the Whos, so he conspires to keep Christmas from coming. Includes three bonus films.
  • A YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS / RUDOLPH’S SHINY NEW YEAR / NESTER THE LONG EARED DONKEY: Santa Claus decides to take the year off, Rudolph finds himself in a race against time, and a loveable donkey finds a special use for his long ears in this collection of classic Christmas films.
  • FROSTY’S WINTER WONDERLAND / THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS: Frosty the Snowman’s marriage is threatened by Jack Frost and a small mouse nearly ruins Christmas for the entire town in these two classic animated features.    
  • RUDLOPH AND FROSTY’S WINTER IN JULY: The story of how Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer got his shiny nose and how he befriended Frosty the Snowman. When the cheery duo tries to help a needy circus get back on its feet, their archenemy, a wicked wizard named Winterbolt, will stop at nothing to stop them.
  • JACK FROST: The whimsical tale follows winter’s sprightly spirit Jack Frost as he falls in love with a lovely lady named Elise. Father Winter turns Jack into a human so he can win Elise’s heart, but alas, she’s already engaged to a knight. When Evil King Kubla Kraus kidnaps Elise, Jack changes back into a spirit to rescue her.
  • CHRISTMAS EVE ON SESAME STREET: Find out how everyone on Sesame Street celebrated Christmas Eve.
  • ELMO SAVES CHRISTMAS: Find out what the world would be like if everyday were Christmas.
  • RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER: Rudolph’s strangely glowing red nose makes him a joke to everyone at the North Pole. Feeling like a misfit, Rudolph runs away and teams with Hermey the elf and prospector Yukon Cornelius; the trio face down the dreaded Abominable Snow Monster and gain the respect of Santa and the others.
  • SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN’ TO TOWN: A friendly postman tells the story of Kris Kringle, an orphan taken in by a family of toymakers. Despite the grouchy protests of Burgermeister Meisterburger and the Winter Warlock, Kringle decides to bring some yuletide joy to the children of Sombertown.
  • FROSTY THE SNOWMAN / FROSTY RETURNS: In Frosty the Snowman, a magician’s discarded hat gives life to a snowman, who quickly wins the hearts of all the town’s children. In Frosty Returns, Frosty and his friends must stop an inventor’s plot to go public with a diabolical creation: an aerosol spray that can melt massive amounts of snow.
  • HOLIDAY TV CLASSICS: A varied collection of holiday themed classic television programming.
  • IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: George Bailey is a good man who’s spent a lifetime giving up on his dreams in order to keep life in his small town humming. When a guardian angel named Clarence finds a despondent George poised to jump off a bridge, he shows George what life would’ve been like had he never been born.
  • THE CHRISTMAS TOY: Fearful of being replaced by new presents, Rugby the Tiger and other old toys venture from the playroom to meet their new friends under the Christmas tree.

New Adult Fiction Titles

Ghost Story by Jim Butcher: Wizard detective Harry Dresden must work without the help of magic to save his friends and his soul after he is murdered by an unknown assassin, while also trying to avoid dark spirits who want payback.

Full Black by Brad Thor: Scott Harvath is called on to infiltrate a terrorist network that is trying to destroy the United States government through a wave of devastating terrorist attacks, and when a Hollywood producer unknowingly exposes one of the world’s most politically connected power brokers, Scot will be forced to take drastic measures to protect him and the country from total devastation.

Justice by Karen Robards:Criminal attorney Jessica Ford has done everything to comply with the Secret Service’s unofficial witness protection program’s orders since witnessing the First Lady’s murder, but when she wins a high-profile court case, agent Mark Ryan, who happens to be Jessica’s ex-boyfriend, fears she has put herself at risk of being recognized and will stop at nothing to protect her from a would-be assassin.

Miss Peregrin’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs: Sixteen-year-old Jacob, having traveled to a remote island after a family tragedy, discovers an abandoned orphanage, and, after some investigating, he learns the children who lived there may have been dangerous and quarantined and may also still be alive.

Rogue Island by Bruce DeSilva: Liam Mulligan, newspaper reporter with a vast network of contacts, attempts to expose an arsonist who is systematically burning down his old neighborhood.

Gamble by Dick Francis: Nick “Foxy” Foxton returns to Aintree as a spectator years after a near-fatal accident stole his dreams of being a world-class jockey, only to witness his American colleague Herb Kovak shot at close range, and a threatening note found in Kovak’s pocket makes Foxy question how well he really knew his friend, and whether the legacy Kovak left him is a gift or a poisoned chalice.

The Explorer’s Code by Kitty Pilgrim: Cordelia Stapleton learns she is heir to the land on which the Global Seed Vault in Norway sits, and that clue’s to the location of the valuable deed may be hidden in the journal of her great-great-grandfather. When the journal is stolen and her quest for the truth takes her around the world and into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy.

The Girl Who Disappeared Twice by Andrea Kane: Veteran family court judge Hope Willis gathers a team of investigators after her daughter, Krissy, is kidnapped, and she uses her incredible ability to read people while her crew looks around Krissy’s house and visits a nervous spouse and a nanny who hides on her cellular phone.

No Rest for the Dead by Jedd Abbott: A curator at San Francisco’s McFall Art Museum is murdered and his wife, Rosemary, is tried, convicted, and executed. Ten years later, Detective Jon Nunn uncovers evidence that convinces him the wrong person was put to death.

Watch Me Die by Erica Spindler: Mira Gallier finds her life blossoming after years of pain over the loss of her husband in Hurricane Katrina, but everything changes when she is attacked by a man known as “The Preacher,” who is soon after found dead unfolding a horrific series of events.

Eyes Wide Open by Andrew Gross: Jay Erlich is filled with questions when the body of his nephew is found at the bottom of a cliff, the apparent victim of a suicide, and he travels to California to help his grieving, older brother Charlie, only to find himself sucked back in to Charlie’s past, which includes ties to a notorious serial killer.

Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan: Four women from the Kelleher family gather at the family beach home in Maine, each hoping to find a new outlook on life as three generations help one another deal with sibling rivalry, alcoholism, social climbing, and good old fashioned Catholic guilt.