Genealogical Research Tools

The digitized archives of the Arapahoe Mirror along with various editions of newspapers from Holbrook and Edison are once again available to researchers for their personal use anywhere they have internet access. The years from 1879 through the year 2000 may be accessed at

Patrons may visit the library to access all the years from 1879-2015.

Another database called My Heritage, made available through NebraskAccess, can also be used from your home. NebraskAccess provides Nebraska residents with free 24/7 access to premium databases containing thousands of full text popular magazine and journal articles; primary source documents; genealogical, health, legal, small business, and science resources. The Nebraska Library Commission purchases subscriptions for Nebraskans with funding from the State of Nebraska and the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services.
How do I log into the My Heritage database? First visit the NebraskAccess site at Click on the Log in link at the right hand side of the page. You then have a choice of exploring nearly 20 various databases.

This database contains genealogy resources with more than five billion historical records from 48 countries including census and other government records, historical records, and photographs. And you can log in from your couch! If you need any assistance, please contact the library.

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