Arapahoe Gala

On March 28, 2020, the 2nd Annual Arapahoe Gala will be held at the Ella Missing Community Center with the proceeds going to the Arapahoe Public Library Foundation.

Would you like to reserve your table for the 2020 gala? Folks are already asking to reserve their spots, and we would like to offer our supporters the first chance at reserving their tickets. We will again offer the VIP treatment to our early-bird ticket holders, which includes champagne at your table and receiving dinner service priority.

____ Yes, I will be attending the 2020 Gala.  ___ No, I will not be attending, but my donation is enclosed.


____$75 Individual Ticket(s)

____ $600 Table for 8


Please indicate your dinner choices and how many of each:

____ Beef

____ Chicken

Please return with payment to: Arapahoe Public Library Foundation, PO Box 598, Arapahoe NE 68922


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