Monthly Archives: September 2010

Arthur County Library

29 September 2010

It has come to my attention, just recently, that there is a slight inconsistency in our name on the website. We are known as Arthur County Library. I am very sorry for the confusion. Thank you to those who brought it to my attention.

Changes to the library

27 September 2010

There are quite a few changes to the library if you haven’t visited in a while. The library committee was nice enough to rearrange it so that it is more organized. I have recently added labeling stickers on all of the books. This way they will be easier to find. Also, I’ve started adding a description on each of them. Example, mystery, suspense, romance, etc. Hopefully, this too will make it easier to select the book that you would like to read.

New Books

13 September 2010

We recently had quite a few books donated to our library. Many of these include childrens book, some being Disney, Junior reader books, and quite a few adult books. We are very excited so feel free to come and check them out.

Also, our computer is up and fully functional now.

New Computer

1 September 2010

Our new computer will be coming to the library on Thursday. There will be a down day for the computer to give me time to get it all set up.