Children & Teen Books Moved

If you enter the library and notice empty shelving and things seem different on the youth side of the library it is because we have made some changes.

The first big change was to create a separate section for the books targeted to youths ages 13 to 18. Many libraries have a separate teen or young adult section for books and the Ashland Public Library was lacking such a section. The books in this section are now marked YA in the call number.

The next big change was to organize the space so the new section flowed nicely with the other sections. So all the picture books were moved to be on two center units, the junior fiction/chapter books were moved to run along the outside wall, and the biographies were moved to be part of the junior non-fiction.  This left an empty center unit for the teen books and new children and teen books.

This new arrangement allowed us to use empty space along the wall, which then freed up the shelves that rest against the staff desks. This will now allow people to move more freely around the library and browse books more comfortably.

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