New Nebraska Books

The Ashland Public Library has just added two new books relating to Nebraska to our collection.

You may have read about the first book last month in the Ashland Gazette. In December 3rd, 1967: An Alien Encounter, Michael Jasorka has taken an audio account by Herbert Schirmer and transforms it into comic book format. While the words are Herbert Schirmer’s, the illustrations are done by Michael Jasorka, who only incorporates color into his drawings if mentioned in Mr. Schirmer’s account. Included with the book is a CD, which has the recording of Mr. Schirmer sharing his story of the alien experience.

The second book isn’t about Nebraska, but is written by Omaha middle-school teacher, John Kalkowski. Red Cell is targeted to middle-school children and tells the fictional story of a kid, Will, whose quick thinking during a baseball game gets him recruited to the Homeland Security’s Red Cell unit. Their aim is to thwart terrorism by coming up with unique ways terrorists might act before they can carry out their plans. Will is able to single handily thwart a bombing attempt on Wrigley Field, but what will he do when he become the target?

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