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Looking to find out if a political candidate is stating a fact or just making it up? Where does that candidate really stand on an issue? Below are websites whose goals are to provide you with the truth regarding candidates and political issues, who’s running for what and amendments on the ballot.

Here is a list of helpful sites

Saunders County Candidates, plus Nebraska Amendments
Cass County Candidates and the Truth-O-Meter
Project Vote Smart

To learn more about each site continue reading.

First the Saunders County and Cass County Election Commissioners websites have a document listing all the candidates running in the respective county. Remember, you are not only voting for individuals but for amendments as well, which can also be found in the Saunders County document. To view those documents click on the links above.

Second, two useful fact checking sites for political issues are and While not limited to politics, is also a useful site. will address a statement or issue and then give a detailed explanation why it is true or false.

If you want to skip the explanation, you can see the Truth-O-Meter at, which will provide concise statement ranging from True to Pants on Fire, with many falling in between. Both a simple and detailed explanation are available if you want to find out what made a statement mostly true or mostly false.

You will also run into the Flip-O-Meter, which addresses whether or not an individual has flip-flopped on an issue, plus the GOP Pledge-O-Meter and Obameter which promises made to the American people. focuses on “urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation,” in all areas, including politics. This site is particularly useful in checking the truthfulness of those chain emails going around about candidates.

Project Vote Smart is also a similar to the previous sites, in that its goal is to get the truth out, but provides candidate profiles that list items such a recent key votes, campaign finances, recent public statements and issue positions. For the issue positions, Project Vote Smart provides the candidates with a Political Courage Test and if they respond you get a clear cut position from the candidate on an issue, as most of the questions are simple yes or no questions.

If a candidate refuses to participate in the Political Courage Test, you will see a similar page where Project Vote Smart has researched each candidate and either infers a candidate’s position on an issue, provided there is evidence to back it up, or will simply note the position as unknown.

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