Computer User Agreement


  1. Computers are available for use by the public at no charge.
  2. Computers are available on a first come first served basis. Computers may be used for 30 minutes. Time may be added if other patrons are not waiting. If you walk outside of the building, your computer becomes available to other patrons. Patrons may step away from their computer to use the restroom without losing their computer usage.
  3. All computer users must hold a valid Axtell Public Library card or a guest-pass. Minor users must have a signed Minor Internet Access Parental Permission Agreement or be seated with a parent/guardian.
  4. Children age six years and younger must be seated with a parent/guardian while using a computer.
  5. Adults using a computer should continue to supervise all children accompanying them to the Library.
  6. The Library is not responsible for damage to any user’s storage device or computer, or any loss of data, damage, or liability that may occur from patron use of the Library’s computers.
  7. Patrons are expected to treat Library equipment with respect and care. The Library reserves the right to restrict or terminate use of the computers if computer use guidelines are not followed.
  8. Library staff cannot provide in-depth training concerning the internet or computer programs. Staff will assist patrons with basic services. Due to the constantly changing and expanding nature of technology, Library staff will not be familiar with every aspect of computers and the internet. Computer training classes may be offered periodically.
  9. Charges for prints are as follows:
    1. Black and white prints, $0.10 each
    2. Color prints, $0.20 each
  10. All internet traffic from Library computers and Wi-Fi is filtered to block access to material that is harmful to minors or obscene. Even with filters, please be aware that the Library cannot guarantee that patrons will not encounter information or images that are offensive or disturbing to them. The provision of access does not mean or imply that the Library sanctions or endorses the content users encounter.
  11. The internet computers are located in public areas and used by Library patrons of all ages, backgrounds, sensitivities, and values. Patrons are expected to consider this when accessing potentially controversial information and images.
  12. Patrons may not use the Library computers or Wi-Fi for viewing, sending, or receiving materials that may be determined to be harmful to minors as defined by State of Nebraska Statutes 28-807(6) and 28-807 (10).
  13. Acceptability of screen display will be left to the discretion of the supervising Library staff. Patrons found to be viewing internet sites that are harmful to a minor or obscene will face the following penalties:
    1. First infraction will result in a warning that loss of Library privileges may result.
    2. Second infraction will result in loss of Library privileges for one week or length of time will be determined by the Library Director and/or Board.
    3. Third infraction will result in loss of Library privileges for four weeks or length of time will be determined by the Library Director and/or Board.
    4. Behavior leading to police involvement may lead to more severe penalties. Loss of Library privileges includes not being allowed on the premises as per the Library and/or Board’s discretion.
    5. Police will be notified of any child pornography accessed.
  14. Patrons and/or the parent/guardian are liable for any damage done to a computer’s hardware or software and for any illegal acts performed using the Library’s computers or Wi-Fi. This is not limited to physical damage or vandalism. Tampering with local or remote computer files and/or committing illegal violations will result in permanent loss of internet privileges at the Library and may also result in financial liability and/or criminal charges.
  15. Patrons may not violate licensing agreements and copyright laws (Title 14, United States Code).
  16. Information available through the internet is not warranted by the Library to be accurate, authoritative, factual, or complete. Patrons must be responsible for verifying the accuracy of any material.
  17. Any information, including software, downloaded from the internet may contain a virus. The Library is not responsible for damage to an individual’s property, or loss of data or liability that may occur from that individual’s use of any of the Library’s technology or services.
  18.  Library Director and Board will review all technology at monthly Board meetings and address any issues that arise.
  19.  Outside assistance of computer consultants will be sought as needed to keep our Library in an updated fashion that meets the needs of our patrons.

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