My sun shines every day because of you!

What is the most special day in the month of February?? It could be the day my mother was born. It could be the wedding date someone chose. Could it be the sad day my father died, five days before mother’s 50th birthday?

No! It has to be Valentine’s Day, February 14. Every year this holiday reminds us of someone, some event, a happy party, or a special valentine. And–it gives everyone a chance to remember a friend or a member of your family with a genuine expression of love. Many songs remind us: “what the world needs now is love, sweet love”.

Why is this holiday bigger than personal occasions? Because all of us need to reclaim our membership to humanity, to reach out where needed and spread a good word. Some may feel it’s silly and mushy, but tell that to someone living alone or someone lying in a hospital bed with no visitors. Greet your friends and neighbors. Encourage our little ones to share their happiness. Pat your dog’s head, just in case he’s forgotten who you are!

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