The Month of Love

We are quickly approaching that famous month of February, the month focused on love, lovers, cupids, and sweet nothings to your Valentine.  Love it or hate it the calendar says it still must come and be recognized. However; it never mentioned in what way it needs recognized.  Maybe you are one of those hopeless romantics who look forward to the candy, cards and flowers.  Maybe you simply are one who thinks it is a way for the Hallmark Company to boost their personal sales.  It could even be you are one of those individuals that loathes the thought of a day focused on mushy love and you just as soon bury your head in the sand or at least under the pillow come February 14th.  Which ever of these categories you fall into you don’t need to despair.  Maybe this year it can be a bit different.  Rather than this year being a year where all thoughts are looming around who you love or who doesn’t love you, why not focus on what you love?  Are you the sports fanatic that loves a good competitive game of back yard football? Are you the teenage beauty who gets a complete thrill of hitting the local mall for the latest bargains?  Are you that passionate, work driven individual that truly is headed to the job of their dreams each day as they close the front door?  Maybe you are the adventurous type and get a rush from planning your next trip to some exotic destination.  Why not use the month of love to focus on what you do love….embrace it, chase it, be passionate about it, share it with others.  Enthusiasm is highly contagious.

Well, here at our library we love you. Yes YOU, our patrons!  You are the reason we smile each day.  You are the drive behind us digging in a little deeper to research and find that next book that is going to bring you great joy!  You are the ones who remind us of the latest technology, the newest fashion trend to breeze the cover of Vogue, or request that ever coveted new release to DVD/Blue Ray. So we want to focus on our love for You!  This is one month we truly love because we get to share that little bit of that love with you.  Our library will be having our basket of books drawings on February 14th.  5 baskets full of yummy, fun goodies and of course books.  So please stop by the library and enter to win one of these baskets. The librarian of course has to give a little bit of incentive based on her “true love.” (Reading and books of course)  So the more you read and come share about your book to the librarian the more times your name goes in the drawing.  So get to your local library for some help finding a new book or pull one off your shelf, blow the dust off and get lost in the pages of a great story.  Happy Reading and A Whole Lot of Love Sent Your Way from our Hearts to Yours!

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