Community Events

Promoting Community Events Online

Community members can share their local events on the Library’s website just by submitting the following information to Stephanie Payton.

  1. Name of Event
  2. Type of Event
  3. Sponsor
  4. Location
  5. Date/s
  6. Time/s
  7. Any Additional Information


Please include the following contact information (This is just in case we have any questions.)

  1. Name
  2. Phone Number
  3. Email


Promoting Community Events at the Library

Events posted in house at the Karlen Memorial Library will abide by the following policy.

Public Posting/Bulletin Boards Policy

Depending on available space, the Karlen Memorial Library may offer bulletin boards, tables, or racks for community displays/information. Postings may be of an educational, cultural, or charitable nature. Campaign materials and commercial materials resulting in personal gain are not permitted. The library will give preference to materials that originate from Beemer organizations; announce events, activities, and services in a timely fashion; are of suitable size and, in the case of handouts, of suitable quantity.

The director must approve each item for posting or free distribution. Materials posted or left for free distribution without approval from the library director will be discarded.

Bulletin boards, tables, and racks will be cleared on a regular basis.

The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection of materials posted or placed for free distribution.

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